If you want to play something rustic and at the same time fun, Vegas Golden Bells is the slot to go after. The game has managed to pull out a high, luxurious layout with minimal spectacles and maximum fun. Since the game is available for all, winning won’t be an issue at all even in tough times. So, pull all your gaming gears and make some noise for Vegas Golden Bells. 

Vegas Golden Bells and It’s Specs

The game of Vegas Golden Bells has its own reason for being the most loved slot game. This is largely because of its minimal look and purple fun. In short words, Vegas Golden Bells can be called as a fruit based game with some really good spinning devices. The overall quality of the game is nice and the game emits a 90s casino aura. In addition to this, there will be lots of Vegas Golden Bells hanging inside the game for making you the sole winner. So, aren’t you ready to roll? For this rolling to happen, you need to spin some golden bell symbols. These will be some low profile icons and some high profile icons. The lows are fruit symbols like grapes, cherries, plums and melons. The high sets will be single bar, double bars and triple bars as well as a 7 set. For you to get more bonuses, there will be wilds, scatters and some plus one symbols as well. You don’t have to get overwhelmed by seeing all these icons. Just take baby steps and get all the wins in a slow yet active pace. 


Vegas Golden Bells has several sets of bonuses and their wins. There are wilds, scatters, plus one feature by the gold coins and the very mammoth bonus wheel feature and the free spins too. So, let’s dive into each of these bonuses one by one and cover the entire game within the first half minutes. Not only these, Vegas Golden Bells also has scatters and wild centric rewards as well which can be quite fun and simple to put your hands on. So, there is no better way to enjoy Vegas Golden Bells than spinning it. 

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