Offered by casinos all over downtown Vegas, the Vegas Downtown Blackjack is popular for its low house edge and simple rules. Enjoy the online version of the game at Vegas Paradise; the game is compatible with mobile devices too. 

About Vegas Downtown Blackjack 

The best aspect of Vegas Downtown Blackjack is that it is played only with 2 decks and the cards are only shuffled at the end of the game; this is why it comes with one of the lowest house edge at 0.39%. Secondly, it also makes the game attractive for card counters as there are lesser cards and not being continuously shuffled makes keeping track of the cards less complicated. 

The advantage of playing the game online 

Being very popular with players, the Vegas Downtown Blackjack is available on almost all online casinos. Apart from the convenience of accessing the game anyplace and at any time, playing online is advantageous, especially if you practise advantage play. 

Most conventional casinos reserve the right to deny entry to any player, and they use it with people who are suspected of using advantage play. Though the casino cannot confiscate your winnings, you will be forced to leave. But this won’t happen virtually when playing online. You are free to use the tricks of card counting and you can even comfortably use a cheat sheet to help maximize your chance of winning, every time you play!

Additionally, most online casinos provide free or demo version of the game which can be taken advantage of to practise card counting, learn and practise using basic strategy for your advantage as well as designing you own playing strategy and practising using it to win. 

How to win at Vegas Downtown Blackjack? 

Basically, the main aim of playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack is to get a score that is better than that of the dealer without going bust. The best way this can happen is with Natural Blackjack where a player gets an Ace in combination with a 10-value card during the initial round, providing the player with a payout of 3 to 2. If not, you have to carefully plan your moves depending on the cards in hand and the dealer’s up-card to ensure you don’t go bust but still maintain a total that is greater than that of the dealer.


Vegas Downtown Blackjack is simple and easy to play. Take advantage of the online version to practise using card counting and strategy to maximize your chances of winning.

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