The treasure is hidden somewhere in a dark chamber at Treasure Heroes, a fantasy-themed hunting based slot which is based on a seemingly video game-style design. 

Game features 

When a unique and charming slot design is paired up with a refreshing theme and gameplay, the resulting game will surely be entertaining, and that’s what Treasure Heroes has proved to its players. The game visuals are very inviting and truly a feast for the eyes. The theme of the game revolves around breaking into a treasure room full of gold and valuable jewels and looting away as much of it as possible. 

That gives a fair idea about the set-up, which is based in a closed room with two locked doors on both sides. The dungeon is very neatly designed and decorated. The slot in this game has taken the form of a tiled floor that lies in the center of the room. It follows a grid-based layout of 5X5 cubes. The rounds are very synchronized, and instead of spinning the reels, the whole grid moves after every spin. 

Following the format, instead of making use of paylines, a cluster pay mechanism is present in the game, which pays for every cluster of matching symbols. This cluster can either be made from 6 symbols to a maximum of 25, which fills up the entire grid. The maximum payout that can be achieved this way goes up to 1925 times the existing stake. 

It is interesting to note that out of the 6 total standard symbols that appear on the slot, two have similar payouts, and the rest four have similar ones. Thus, it can be said that they are divided into groups on the basis of the highest potential reward that a cluster of 25 can pay for each symbol. This bifurcation is as follows : 

  • Higher value symbols – These symbols pay a maximum reward of 1000X the total stake in one spin for a full grid. A treasure chest and a female character of the magician are included in this category.
  • Lower value symbols – These symbols pay a maximum reward of 250X the total stake in one spin for a full grid. A blue diamond, a dragon charm, a gold lantern, and a female character of the warrior are included in this category.

Special features

The Wild card features a witch character that appears on a purple background. It can replace any of the 6 regular symbols on the slot. Moreover, two other unique features are included in the gameplay. Out of these, the first one is the Moving reels or Moving walls feature. It resembles the cascading style of symbols where after a win is paid, the symbols tumble over, and new symbols take their place. 

However, as a grid is present instead of a traditional slot, some extent of modification can be seen in this feature. The Moving walls feature works as stated – When a winning combination is formed, the symbols that were a part of that combination are removed from the grid after the earnings have been cleared. 

For this purpose, the reels and rows move in their position. The first, third, and fifth reels shift in a vertical line whereas the first, third, and fifth rows move in a horizontal line, which creates a web-like situation causing the original symbols to fall out of their position, thereby making space for newer symbols. This mechanism is repeated until no new wins are formed, and after that, regular spins begin. 

Chains of winning sets can be created through this feature through the shifting and relocating of the reels and columns each time a single win is triggered on the slot. 

Bonus features 

A free spins bonus is available in the game, which can be triggered through the key scatter symbol. Only 2 keys are sufficient in order to trigger the bonus and get the advantage of the free spins. This happens in the following manner – when two keys land on the slot in one spin, the combine to form one large key which can open one of the doors. 

This is the door present on the right side of the grid. Once opened, the door takes the players into a small, secret chamber where the hidden treasure is kept. A skeleton sits on the top of the slot in this room. After each spin, it pulls a lever due to which either of the magician (female hero) or the warrior (male hero) are made to spin on the reels. This causes any random symbol on the slot to convert into a wild card. 

Such wild cards remain sticky in their position, and a bunch of wilds in the free spins can be very fruitful for the players. But, the player must take this fact into consideration that moving reels feature is not applicable in the bonus rounds, nor is there any possibility of retriggering the bonus. In order to earn the free spins again, two scatter keys must land on the slot to initiate the bonus feature from the beginning. 


With a dazzling theme and overall exciting gameplay that comes along with thrilling features, decent quality graphic design, and animation, Treasure Heroes is a must-play game. 

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