Conventional slot games are truly enjoyable. But once in a while a lot of us look forward to the “unique” ones that developers promise. But sadly even those slot games that claim to be unique aren’t really so but just come with a bit of change here and there like a different theme or addition of some surprising aspects to the conventional design. 

Unlike those slots that claim to be unique The Incredible Balloon Machine truly is! Developed by Crazy Tooth Studios and released by Microgaming this slot game is totally made of unconventional features. What to know how unique it is? Check it out at Vegas Paradise casino online.

Goodbye to conventional slot features

Basically, the developers have done away with all the aspects that make slot game what they are. It doesn’t have reels that need to be spun or symbols and paylines that give us combinations and wins. There are no special symbols or low value and high value symbols. The only thing that makes The Incredible Balloon Machine a slot game is players have to place a bet to begin with and are rewarded with payouts.

Pump the balloon!

So, how do we actually play The Incredible Balloon Machine slot? Basically, the setup is a balloon machine complete with a balloon ready to be pumped and the blue sky as the background. Players have to click on and hold down the spin button; as a result the meter at the bottom starts turning and the balloon starts expanding. As the size increases the payout also increases but players have to stop before the balloon bursts and claim the payout. 

Special features

Though this slot game doesn’t come with wilds or scatters, players still get the random multiplier feature. A 2x to 7x multiplier is added to the payout at random after the completion of a spin. 

Pick Bonus

The Incredible Balloon Machine also comes with a bonus round where golden or black balloons appear at random and pumping the balloon to the desired capacity without popping it activates the Pick Bonus

Players are taken to a new screen with a number of balloons and clicking on any will reveal either a cash bonus or a 2x multipliers. Additionally, some have the Advance or Complete option and selecting on them will advance the player to next level or complete the bonus round. 


Thus, this slots game is truly unique and the different gameplay and layout with the addition of some of the most popular special features makes it truly engaging and exciting. 

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