For all those who enjoy classic, retro-style slots, Stacked Fire 7s has something in store with its impressive overall design and simplicity. 

Game features 

With the words in the title being an excellent hint about the gameplay and the overall format of the slot, Stacked Fire 7s has hidden fun elements that can be discovered as the game progresses. Beginning with the background, crackling flames of fire take over the lower section of the screen while a bright yellowish red colour is present in the upper section. 

The slot contains 5 reels and 4 rows and works on 40 paylines that pay for symbol combinations crossing from left to right. A glorious set of symbols combining heat and fruit elements can be seen gracing the slot over a dark red backdrop. The highest level of returns that can be achieved by players goes up to 2500X the current stake. 

The symbols can be bifurcated in two sets as the high value and low-value ones. Those in the high value include three different 7 icons, one in the colour red, one in the colour blue, and the third one burning in fire. On the other hand, the low-value symbols include bright and colourful fruits such as a bunch of grapes, watermelons, oranges, plums, and a bell symbol. 

As the title of the game suggests, the symbols land in pairs (stacked) as opposed to those of regular slots that appear individually. 

Special features 

The Wild feature is very distinctive as it represents itself. This means that instead of using a particular symbol to work as the Wild, the word itself is used with bright, yellow beaming letters on the slot. This symbol appears in the middle section of the slot, which is the second, third, and fourth reels. 

It acts as a substitute for the regular symbols on these reels. This way, better combinations can be secured on the slot, thereby helping the players earn better rewards. Other than this, a special feature is present in the game for those players who like high variance games. 

This is called the gamble feature and comes into action only as per the wish of the player. This means that the player can turn the gamble option on or off based on his liking and preference of risk levels in the game. On turning on, the gamble feature offers two options. One of them is applicable to each spin that results into a win, whereas the other one is applicable to those spins only where the earning is more than 5 times the total stake. 

Two wheels also come into the picture. One of them offers an option where the winnings can be increased by either one third, can be doubled or tripled. The second one offers an option where the player can earn a random number of free spins by spinning the wheel. 

Bonus features 

The bonus feature of the game is the free spin rounds. This can be activated by the bonus symbol featuring the bright, yellow star, which acts as a scatter symbol in the game. It only lands on the first, third, and fifth reels on the slot. When this symbol appears on all three of the reels in one spin, the player is given 8 free spins. 

During the free spins, the only symbols that appear on the slot are the wilds and all the three separate lucky 7s. Those icons make winning in free spins easier for the players. 


Overall, Stacked Fire 7s is a fun game that comes with classic features, easy gameplay, traditional and glossy symbols as well as decent payout levels that can be enjoyed by players of all groups. 

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