If you have always been a fan of Fruit Slots you should definitely check out Reel Rush 2. This game is currently available at Vegas Paradise casino

About Reel Rush 2

If you are a fan of online slots, you would be familiar with the Reel Rush slot game; released almost 6 years ago, this was a hit especially among the fruit-themed slot games online. And now NetEnt the developers of Reel Rush has come out its updated version which is the current Reel Rush 2. The good news is that it still has all the aspects that made the original game so popular and the better news is that it is much more exciting compared to the original version.

The basic layout

The basic layout of the Reel Rush 2 is in line with fruit-themed slots. It has a look and feel of a conventional video and mobile games with the tried and tested combination of blue skies and greenery. 

The symbols are also similar to fruit-themed slots which include colourful candy and fruit. Where the candy makes up the low-value symbols, the fruit are the high-value symbols in the game with the strawberry being the most lucrative. 

So, what makes it stand apart? Well, it is the exciting special features that are provided at random all throughout the gameplay.

The exciting special features

If we have to talk about the unique features of the Reel Rush 2 game, we certainly have to start with the train tracks at the bottom of the board; this special feature makes the game more lucrative for the player by randomly providing a 3-carriage train bringing extra features, multipliers and bonuses. 

Apart from that players also can unlock extras, special spins, modifiers and multipliers like free spins, super free spins, re-spins, etc. The 5X5 reel game starts with some of the tiles blocked and unblocking the tiles will trigger all the special features. Thus, we feel the Reel Rush 2 is simple, easy to play and the conventional old-world fruits theme plays to its advantage.


Based on an extremely popular slot machine concept this is an interesting and enjoyable slots game. The addition of engaging special features makes it a lot more enjoyable.

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