If you are prejudiced that this is a usual slot game made with wizardry and magic, then you are wrong. Merlin’s Grimoire is built with a strong narrative and a superb spinning layout. With such a slot game, you can’t go anywhere wrong and the winning will be massive in all turns. Merlin’s Grimoire is an adventure filled with Merlin as the central character and there is a long way for you to spin! 

What is here at Merlin’s Grimoire?

Spinning inside a jungle-like platform, Merlin’s Grimoire is all about the magic, wizardry made by Merlin. Here, the gamers can see potion bottles and spell books and the brewing magic of our central character. Look wise, the game has all the vibrance of a 21st century slot game and the animations of the icons here are impeccably made. It’s the visual spectacularness that makes the game of Merlin’s Grimoire brilliant. To know more about the game, you need to stick around for some more time. 

Now let’s see what all the rolling icons are and what all are their values. The icon set of Merlin’s Grimoire begins with different colored spell icons which should be decoded by the gamer. These come in 6 different neon hues. These spell icons can be called the low valued set of Merlin’s Grimoire. The high icons will be some potion bottles, characters like Merlin and his helper, potion books and some magic stuff. You will also get to see some special icons like scatters and wilds if you look closely. Using all these icons, make a winning statement with Merlin’s Grimoire. Yes you can do this! 

Prizes and Wins of Merlin’s Grimoire

Talking about the wins of this slot game, it all begins with some minimal turns like wilds and scatters which can create free spins. Free Spins are great and they are user friendly as well. But the main dynamite comes with the expanding symbol feature and the splitting reels. Stay close to the instructions of these rounds and you can easily score by combining unique icons. 

The Conclusion Part

You don’t get to see slot games like Merlin’s Grimoire now a days and this one sure is for playing without any break! 

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