Fabulous is the term that I was looking for while spinning this game called the Happy Apples. With such a game, winning is not the central pointer but the fun is. How slow you spin here, you will get some sort of winning from Happy Apples. That’s not a myth but a reality. So, you can tackle the game right now and start getting the wins right away. 

The Play of Apples in Happy Apples

In terms of the overall theme of this slot game, it’s perfect and can make a good, juicy smoothie with all the pastel colors. The game has all the functions such as free spins, wilds, scatters and many more. All you have to do here is to make some spins using all these functions and features not omitting a single one. Since everything is in an order, you don’t have to do a lot to make the wins, real wins. So, are you ready to power play Happy Apples and pluck some apples? 

Symbols and Icons of Happy Apples

So, the symbols here are more than sweet and cute and these can make a ton of super sweet bonuses for your sweet tooth functions. So, these are of two sets and they will be the lows and highs. The lows are mainly sweet candy symbols that won’t do much in terms of the winning. But the highs are animals like pigs, foxes and panda icons. The high symbol will be the tiger icon that can do pretty much anything for the wins. So, it’s all done and ready here and now you just have to spin to win. There are three to four main features here at Happy Apples. This begins with cascades, tumble features, free spins, bonus features and many more interesting surprise features. If you land and fall on some unique high symbols and wilds-scatters in a specific manner, these wins will get activated. So, if you are ready to tackle these down, then the whole game is ready for you! All you have to do here is map the symbols on their values and click the spin icon every now and then. That’s how to win the happy slot of Happy Apples. 

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