Don’t get fooled by seeing the word Egyptian here. Cleopatra’s Golden Spells is not like those ordinary pyramid themed slot games that you are bored of. Everything about this game is new and if you are new, then this will be a massive opportunity to explore and get some super cool slot features. So, don’t just wait there and start giving the reels some job! 

The Reels and Setup

Cleopatra’s Golden Spells is such a game where you can see multiple thematic elements in the same space. For example, you get to witness Egyptian wonderness as well as Roman finesse right inside the rolling layout. Once you understand this, then everything will be super easy for you. In terms of the layout, you can see a massive, greenish wonderland with palm and date trees on either side of the screen. The animations are also massive and they change according to the levels that you enter. 

When it comes to the symbol tray and their setup, it’s not that bad at all. So, what you can see here first will be the massive, overly built gray toned symbol tray. Inside, the symbols rest. These will be A-J playing cards as well as some Egyptian Gods, Bastet and Horus. In addition to this, there will be gem icons too. It is with these symbols that you have to sketch out the bonuses of Cleopatra’s Golden Spells. Since everything is already mapped and drawn for your comfort, you gamers just have to spin the above mentioned symbols one by one to get the free spins one by one. 

Bonuses of Cleopatra’s Golden Spells

Talking about the free spins, they are triggered by the scatters and they are wonderful. Apart from this, there are jackpots worth 250x and Bazillion cash features that give 300x of your bet. Don’t forget the wilds and the scatters as they are also a part of this game. In short words, there is no shortage of bonuses here at this game and what’s really pending are your spins. 

So, let’s join hands to spin and win the game of Cleopatra’s Golden Spells and make it all golden and winning! Join hands for Cleopatra’s Golden Spells! 

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