Be a part of adventures on an island with the pirates and enjoy Boom Pirates. The game can be played at Vegas Mobile Casino. 

Game features

As the name quite suggests, the theme of Boom Pirates is centered around the life of pirates on a tropical island. Outstanding graphics can be considered as a major plus point in the game. Be it the background of the island with a pirate ship or the format and design of the slot – the game never fails to impress the players. 

A game fully loaded with interesting features and slots is what is expected from Net Entertainment, and those expectations are totally fulfilled. The theme is reflected by the slots. Pirates, parrots, cannonballs, barrels, and other symbols fill up the slots. The game gives a payout of around 3800 times the stake at its highest. 

Another feature to take note of here is that the rows and reels can be expanded. In general notions, there are 5 reels and 4 rows. But, these can be increased up to 9 reels, and 6 rows and an entirely new format can be set as per the player’s wish. This option leads to a gigantic figure of more than 10 million ways to win in a single spin! This expansion of reels is done by aiming cannonballs towards them. 

Special features

Multiple special features are a part of Boom Pirates. The first one being the expansion of reels, of course, which is known as Wonder ways. This concept is truly noteworthy. Other than that, the Foxify option is also something that players look forward to. By engaging the Foxify button, the bets increase by 50% but along with that, the chances of earning more free spins also increase in a definite proportion. 

A special combination of 5 symbols is formed by enabling Captain Mary’s attack. This can be activated only after the player crosses a specific number in losing spins. 

Bonus features

The prominent bonus features in Boom Pirates include free spins that can be activated by the presence of three different scatter symbols in the first, third, and fifth columns at the same point of time in the game. Those scatter symbols contain words and spell out Yo-Ho-ho. This way, the reel can be expanded which unlocks 10 free spins in one go. 

The Boom Pirates bonus can be triggered by another method, which involves buying the feature option and giving 100 times the current stake in the exchange. 


With an exciting theme and good payouts, Boom Pirates is one of the finest games produced in recent times and is much fun to play. 

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