Every day of every year, slots of varying genres and capabilities are released to appreciative audiences. Online slots are presently the most preferred and profitable means of gambling on the globe and public preference does not appear in a hurry to change anytime soon. Microgaming is one of the biggest names in the online slots scene and has released hundreds if not thousands of these over the years. One of their latest creations is the Battle Mania slots, which is not strictly speaking a slot.

Read up on it below.

A Mania For Battle Mania!

The Battle Mania slot was apparently expressly designed for those who like their slots with a side of RPG gameplay! It is totally different from most other slots on the market, lacks reels and any other thing that could make it resemble a traditional slot.

Instead, gameplay takes place between two teams of martial arts characters. The teams have their own distinct volatility rating and value and the betting range does not exactly cater to low rollers.

Gameplay consists of the player using the desired team to inflict damage on some monsters. For each hit and victory over a monster, players receive a payout.

All the featured martial arts characters have specific abilities that can be randomly unleashed. These abilities range from self-healing, the healing of allies, killing and then resurrecting a monster for a chance at another payout and lots more.

Be Maniacal In Battle!

Battle Mania setting happens to be a forest clearing. This has the monsters arraigned near the middle and is well lit.

There are varied levels or Islands available during gameplay, with progress up these happening when players get ahold of certain cards. Every island also boasts its own particular bonus feature.
The best island is the Treasure Island. This is available every 12 hours and bets on this can result in wins that come with a 25% boost.

Final Thoughts

Battle Mania is an odd duck, to say the least. The graphical quality on show is not all that good, the audio effects are laughable, as are the animations. However, Battle Mania is overall an engaging game and as long as players are determined not to nitpick they are bound to experience reasonable levels of entertainment

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