There are quite a lot of fishing themed slot games in the market but not like Bass Boss. This slot game is pretty different in all levels and there are multiple ways to describe it. In terms of design, layout, colors and even in animations, Bass Boss stands out from other slots. To know more about the spin, you must spin the fishing reels. So, let’s start the fishing season shall we? 

About the Fishing Fun

Everything about Bass Boss is blueish and this blueish factor is the number one popular driving factor of the game. Wherever you look, you can only see the blue and the animations that are embedded to it. Right from the beginning, the aqua blue lake with the fisherman on a boat will be the main background canvas print. Apart from this, you can also see a utopian styled sky with trees and bushes as well as the ripples. There is nothing problematic anywhere and the game is made up of pure joy. 

Symbols and Icons

The symbols of Bass Boss are all fish friendly and they don’t mind if you fish a bit more than the usual. So, the symbol tray consists of A to J playing cards as well as some numbers like 9s and 10s. These are the primary levels icons and the main reward fetching ones will be the fishing boats, reels, hats and the tackle boxes. There are scatters and other special symbols, but you need to learn the basics to go further to the bonus section. 

So, in the bonus section, you can get the very basic features like the multipliers and nudge features. In addition to this, there are contest spin features as well that can take care of your bonus for a long time. You just need to land and combine the contest spin icons and the rest will be handled by the system. With contest spin, you can get up to twenty spins and even more if you are lucky. 

Closing Words on Bass Boss

If you love fishing themed slot plays and have a huge heart for sea basses, then you should definitely go for a spin at Bass Boss.

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