Amazing Link Bounty is not your typical wild-west slot game with all the hots and smokes of a dusty countryside. Here, everything is built differently to get an altogether different vibe. If you come and roll the game once, you won’t hesitate to spin again. That’s the built quality of Amazing Link Bounty. So, let’s start spinning Amazing Link Bounty and get as many rewards as possible. 

About this WildWest

Some wild west slot games won’t give you everything right from the beginning of the slot, and it will definitely take some time to unwrap itself. This is not the case with Amazing Link Bounty, and there are many levels to spin and experience here. The background canvas of the game itself is a masterpiece of all the visual specs of the game. It shows the countryside, dusty corners and a lot of guns and smoke. Apart from the visual specs, the symbols, as well as the symbol tray, are also pretty neatly done. Speaking about the tray, this is built with many neon-coloured lines and slashes and inside the boundary, the symbols rest. 

These symbols consist of A – J alphabets and two 9-10 numerals. These will be the low-profile icons. The high ones will be revolver icons, golden bars, two cowboys and a bag full of cash. If you want something extra from these, you can get special symbols as well, like the wilds and the scatters. If you can play with these, you will be getting more than usual. That’s why they are called the bonus hitters. So, coming to the bonuses of Amazing Link Bounty, they are also pretty packed with features. 

Bonuses and Extra Fun

You can choose a lot of bonuses from the slot game of Amazing Link Bounty. This includes free spins, wilds, scatter falls, pick features and many more. The more you make combinations out of the ordinary, the more you can get the rewards. That’s the winning principle of Amazing Link Bounty. So, land as many combinations of wilds and scatters and get all the wild west wins. I assure you, this is a whole new wild west slot game which you haven’t seen!

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