Join the class of Lita Flamel as she teaches her students how to master the art of alchemy in this exciting game called Alchemy Blast.

Game features 

Set in the laboratory of Lita Flamel filled with large-sized equipment and liquid potions everywhere, a grid of 5 reels and 6 rows is present in the game. Instead of spinning the reels, the player has to win by matching the identical symbols, blasting them, and removing the cluster from the grid. 

These symbols include different elements signified by their colours such as orange, blue, yellow, red, green, and pink. Progress bars for each element are present on the top and get filled when a cluster of the concerned element is blasted. 

Special features 

Mystic potions are present under the slot from which he has to select any one by the elixir shaped button. This same feature takes the players to the special part of the game, which involves earning prizes by blasting elements and collecting the 3 different types of elixirs, each having its own importance. These can be elaborated as: 

  • Elixir of magic – Collecting one bottle of this blue coloured magic elixir can unlock the mystery bonus where the player is supposed to click on different vials, one at a time that is presented on the screen. The potion vials come with a multiplier, whereas the poison vial can end the game. 
  • Elixir of wisdom – Collecting two bottles of this pink coloured wisdom elixir can unlock the wisdom library. The player can notice two kinds of books in the library known as the wisdom book, which can provide the benefits of multipliers and curse books that can end the game. 
  • Elixir of immortality – Collecting three bottles of this green immortality elixir can unlock the free spins bonus feature. When the player collects all 3, he is awarded with a prize of 5 bonus spins and win multipliers are attached to each of them. 

Bonus features 

Collecting the immortality elixir is the way to unlock the bonus spins in the game. Added win multipliers of up to 5X come attached to such spins. Another bonus is triggered by the philosopher’s stone. Blasting the cluster of this stone with a set of multiplying elements present underneath can lead the player to reward a 1000X multiplier. 

The rank progression feature includes a total of 90 ranks. By collecting 3 stars, the player can advance to the next level. Playing the mini bonus games can help in earning 1 star each. This way, the overall ranking can be improved. 


Bringing a totally new genre and style of gameplay, Alchemy Blast is surely a worth playing game owing to the mesmerizing graphics and unique features. 

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