Action Bank Plus is a game that comes with a theme that only a handful of games offer nowadays – a true original classic! Make the most of the features in this bank raiding slot. 

Game features 

Action Bank Plus is a game that offers a truly timeless slot to its players. The retro-style theme and the recognizable features of the game are bound to leave an impression in the minds of players, and they are more likely to enjoy the game. The game seems to bring about a blast from the past and make players relive the early gaming scene. 

The game design and layout is quite plain but considerably nostalgic. The background features a stark silvery grey background that somewhat resembles a bank vault or a locker wall. It contains a straight line pattern with the slot placed over. A 6 reels and 4 rows format is used in the slot where the sixth reel works as a bonus reel; this means that only bonus symbols can appear on it as it is visually separate from the other 5 reels. 

A very mechanical sound plays in the back when the player spins the reels. During those spins, the following symbols can land on the slot –

  • Bar symbol
  • Cross symbol (X)
  • Zero symbols (0)
  • Number symbol (7)

Out of all these, the 7 is the most valuable as a set of 6 in a row gives out a payout of 20 times the total stake. In total, 4096 pay lines are available in the game, which is triggered when a combination of at least 3 similar symbols (except the zeroes) is formed on the slot. 

That brings us to another interesting characteristic of the symbols that the zero symbol functions merely as a filler. This means that it does not lead to any payout for any number of icons in a row. However, it has its own importance as it can transform into vault symbols in the last reel and help the player in earning free spins bonus. 

Special features 

The Wild card in the game comes along with the image of a joker wearing a three-tailed colourful cap. The word ‘Wild’ is written at the bottom of the icon. This random Joker can replace the regular symbols on the slot except for the zeroes and the vaults, which leaves the symbols limited up to the 7s, Xs, and bars. 

The Joker can appear only during the free spins and only on the second to fifth reels as the first and sixth reels are meant to hold only the bonus symbols. 

Bonus features 

Coming to the bonus, free spins in the game can be earned by the player in this game through the vault card itself. These vaults appear only on the last/sixth reel. When it is completely stacked up with the vaults, the free spins are triggered, which applies that 4 vault symbols in one reel are required to activate the game bonus. 

Once this happens, the player has to select one among the given 4 options that lead to a random number of free spins. This number can either be 5, 10, 15 or 20 – depending upon the vault chosen by the player from the four. Another noteworthy fact in the game is that the free spins can be triggered multiple times through the same vault symbols in order to extend the bonus. 

A maximum of 20 spins can be unlocked this way. In the duration of the bonus spins, a set of new symbols is introduced in the slots. These are just the double of the existing symbols of 7, Bar and X. They function as two of the regular symbols. 


Thus, it can be said that Action Bank Plus is a thoroughly enjoyable game that is bound to entertain players who prefer old school style slots and classic gameplay. 

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