Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is always counted as a favorite casino game of a number of players. There are a number of reasons which make this game the favorite of all. Firstly, there is no fuss as to the gameplay. Secondly you get to earn huge cash-prizes and lastly, Roulette is always full of fun and entertainment. These days, as a result of such pace in technology, a number of gaming companies have introduced the traditional casino games on their websites. Live Dealer Roulette is one of those roulette games that you will find live on the internet. For this purpose, you are not required to walk down to the casino parlor. You can enjoy the Live Dealer Roulette experience on your computers and mobile phones at your comfort and convenience.

About the Developer:

The traditional roulette has been brought up in the form of Live Dealer Roulette by the very famous NetEnt Gaming. NetEnt or Net Entertainment Gaming is the finest gaming company that is concerned with the purpose of introducing some of the most exciting games, traditional as well as non-traditional for all its players. Further, they provide them with an enthralling gaming experience. This gaming company excels in terms of both, quality of the games as well as its availability.

About the Game:

Live Dealer Roulette is one such amazing game of roulette that could be enjoyed by both the males and females who also entertain a good hand in playing and winning. The makers of this game have transformed it into an amazing visual treat. Thereby making everything all the more attractive and amusing. The entire setup of a traditional roulette game has been presented on a high definition streaming video from a live casino studio that is based in Malta. Thus, everything occupied in this casino is upgraded with the latest of technology. It enables the players to have the time of their lives by involving themselves into this game. You also get the opportunity to chat with the real dealers. You can view diverse bonuses, their offers and promotions. At the same time, this game also allows you to access your private messages.

Live Dealer Roulette involves a great number of amazing features and characteristics. Apart from getting an opportunity to play with the real dealers as well as other players, you can also proceed towards the biggest win as a result of your skills so used. All the rules as to the gameplay of this game are same as that of the traditional roulette game. However, the presentation in consonance with the technology has made it all the more alluring. This game is high on graphics, sound system, animation and many more. Apart from all these features, the makers of this game ensure a secure way of gaming.


Overall, Live Dealer Roulette is an amazing game of Roulette that comes along with a number of perks for the players. The gameplay is easy and the cash-prizes are huge.

Viking Fire

Viking Fire is an interesting slot game that is developed by Lightning Box games. This online slot game takes the players back in the Viking era and give the players an amazing gaming experience. The online slot game depicts the story of an old Viking village. The player will see a lot of greenery and hills in the backdrop. This online slot game is simple, easy play but, a lot of fun. A lot of wilds, scatters, bonuses, etc make this slot game quite adventurous and fun.

Gamers look up to the simplicity of this slot game that is quite enchanting and engrossing. Plus, the additional cash that flows in their pocket is always a welcome!

About the Developer

The developer of this interesting online slot game, Viking Fire is Lightning Box (NYX). Lightning box is an online slot games developer that is based in Sydney, Australia. For more than ten years, Lightning Box has been catering to the growing demands of the casino gamers. The casino gamers, who always look for something new and interesting, look up to this online game developer for the best online slot games. This online game developer considers the demands of the gamers and then articulate them well in their slot games.

About the Game

Viking Fire is a five reels and forty pay lines online slot game. As the name says, this online slot game is based on the theme of Viking. In this game, the players will have an interesting encounter with various characters like an axe man, a man with a ginger beard wearing a helmet, a man wearing turban who has a magical crystal ball, a woman with red hair who is wielding a sword. Other characters include a dog with black and white spots as well as a golden hammer.

The player can place the bet between €0 .01 per line to a maximum of €25.00 per line. So, for a spin, a player can bet minimum of €0.50 per spin and a maximum €1,250 per spin. You can change the bet by up and down arrows in blue.

The scattered fireball symbol will fetch the player 2000 coins. Getting five of the matching symbols will give the player this bumper prize. Along with it, the player gets a bonus wherein, sinking ship will fetch the player extra wild symbols and also give free games.

In the Viking Fire slot game, the golden hammer is the wild symbol. Getting five golden hammers will pay 1500 coin. This symbol replaces all the symbols but, not the scatter symbol.

The two characters, one with helmet and one with ginger beard pay 750 coins for getting five of them. The turban man and the red haired woman pay 250 coins for getting five of them. Five spotty dogs give 150 coins. The card symbols pay 125 coins for five Kings, 100 coins for five Queens, Jacks, 10 and 9 each.


Viking Fire is a fun slot game. Every casino lover must indulge in this slot game.

Classic Roulette (LIVE)

The casino lovers have always been divided on the opinion whether the traditional casino gaming is better or online casino gaming is better. Every person has his own opinion as both the sides have their own set of pros and cons. But, the online game developers are smart enough to bring things in their stride and hence, they developed online LIVE casino gaming. The gaming giant NetEnt introduced Classic Roulette (LIVE) and every casino lover is going gaga over it.

With Classic Roulette (LIVE), the players got a chance to enjoy the classic game roulette with the exact same feel of playing in the traditional casino with a group of people.

The user friendly interface, graphics, the well synchronized sound effects and the feeling that you are playing live make the gaming experience totally- totally worthwhile.

About the Developer

NetEnt, which has been actively producing online slot games since 1996, is the developer of this slot game. NetEnt has many amazing games to its credit. This gaming giant has always given the best to the players.

NetEnt has gained a niche over many other online casino developers as well as the traditional casinos. They are getting the best of both worlds packed in the little screens of their mobiles phones.

About the Game

Here, in Classic Roulette (LIVE) the players have given some of the most amazing features to the players. Apart from the enthralling graphics and big payouts, they have given many other things to enhance the already amazing gaming experience for the player.

The gameplay of the online version of this game is no different from playing the traditional land based roulette. You get to place the bets and you get to win a lot of money. You get a table, a spinning wheel and ball. The wheel is divided into 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36 in colours and red and black.

You can either place the bet on a specific number, a colour or a slot. If you are lucky, your ball will land where you placed the bet and you win.

The developers have introduced some extra buttons that help the players to that help you to change the bet. Yes! Now after analyzing the game if you feel you shouldn’t have put that bet, you can cancel or double the bet to bring the ball in your court. The extra buttons help the players to make more and more money in the game.

One thing to applaud about NetEnt is that the gameplay is smoothly on the mobile phones. Not for a second would it give you a sort of artificial feel. You will get so engaged and engrossed in playing roulette that you will almost forget that you are playing roulette in your mobile phone. The smooth and easy user interface make it easy for everyone to indulge in casino gaming.


Classic Roulette is one of the most interesting and amazing casino gambling game that has not lost its charm with time and Classic Roulette (LIVE) is a testimony of the love players have for this casino game. You can now enjoy any version be it American, French or European, on your mobile phones.

BlackJack Common Draw High Roller

The love for casino gaming is increasing with each passing day. More and more new gamers are joining the bandwagon of the hardcore casino lovers who always love to indulge in casino gaming day and night.

BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is one of the most loved online games. This online game is quite responsible for the love casino gaming is receiving. The gamblers love to indulge in the classic casino game but, with a little twist. The players now do not want to go to the traditional land based casinos for playing casino, they are opting for online casino and the best online casino game is of course, BlackJack Common Draw High Roller. The gamers are enjoying this new version of the casino classic to the core.

About the Developer

BlackJack Common Draw High Roller, the classic and one of the most popular casino games is developed by NetEnt.

NetEnt does not need any introduction. This game developer has been serving the gamers with the most amazing casino games. In the span of 20 years, NetEnt has always given the best digital versions of the best online games. BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is one such marvellous inception of NetEnt gaming.

About the Game

BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is very fun and interesting casino game. The online version of this game gives the opportunity to this casino game live along with many players. The live game gives the feel of a real traditional casino game play. The players get a live dealer and six decks of cards. The gamers have to make a hand with value same or near 21 than dealer’s hand. At the initio of every game, the player has to place bets.

The player needs to press the betting box but, only after picking up a chip value. The player can click further to increase the stake amount. The best about the game is that the player gets to play simultaneously with same set of cards.

The dealer deals a card face up and other two cards in the card stream including the first card of the dealer. The gamer then needs to decide what he wants to do after seeing the value of the cards with the same rules. The game is finished when the dealer reveals his card


BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is an interesting game. The best thing is that you can play in the company of other players.

Live Automatic Roulette

The game of roulette is one that has seen numerous evolutions over the centuries. From starting out as a reinvention of the wheel, this game has seen itself get into land-based casinos and is now on online casinos. A new and noteworthy innovation to the way roulette is played is the development of Live Automatic Roulette by NetEnt. Read on to discover the new amazing features that await you in this second reinvention of the famous wheel of the casino gaming world.

About the Developer of Live Automatic Roulette

As already stated, the game was developed by NetEnt. NetEnt is one of the oldest online casinos in the gaming world; starting as far back as 1996. Although this casino started out early, it took about 11 years for it to get publicly listed on a stock exchange. NetEnt became listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm OMX in 2007 and has since not stopped bequeathing the casino gaming world with awesome casino gaming.

About the Game

Live Automatic Roulette is very similar to the base roulette game; it just has some extra additions that make it unique. One of these unique features is the ability to chat with other roulette players while you are at the wheels. This removes the lone wolf stigma that is regularly slammed on online casino games. The chatting feature easily creates images of roulette in a land based casino where there is usually a witty and pulsating conversation between the players.

The bet amounts that you can place on a spin of the wheels are 1, 5, 25, 100 and 1000. You would place a bet by clicking on a chip and placing it on the desired spot/number that you wish to bet on; just like the normal game of roulette.

There are three kinds of bets in this game: inside bet, outside bet and racetrack bet.

The inside bet is something that anyone familiar with roulette would understand. It includes all the numbers on the roulette wheel from 0 to 36. The way of betting in the inside betting area includes straight, split, three line, corner and six line. A straight bet is a bet placed on a single number, a split is a two-number bet, a three line is a three-number bet, a corner is a four- number bet while a six line is a bet on six numbers.


Live Automatic Roulette meets the expectations of unique gameplay and gambling innovation. You are sure to have the time of your life at this roulette wheel.