Fairy Tale Legends

If talking about the best casino slots, Fairy Tale Legends truly deserves a mention. This is one of the finest slots. Engaging gameplay, exciting features and big cash rewards make this slot game one of the most coveted slot games. This slot game is getting rave reviews from the players. It is a 5- reel and 20- payline slot game.

NetEnt is the proud developer of Fairy Tale Legends. NetEnt has introduced some very innovative and coming of age features in this slot game. These features make the game stand out in the crowd.

How to Play

Fairy Tale Legends has a very easy gameplay. The slot game is quite easy to understand. The player needs to put the bet to begin the interesting journey to the fairy land. The bet range is between 0.20 to 200.00 credits. The minimum coin size can be 20p and the maximum coin size can be £200 for every spin. The player needs to place the bet and wait for him to be lucky.


Fairy Tale Legends has five reels and twenty paylines. The first magnetising feature of this slot game is the theme. This theme has always attracted the classes and the masses and thus, the fairytale theme of this slot game becomes the focal point.

The graphics of this slot game are phenomenal. The design leaves every player spell- bound. Generally, the background of any slot game stands still, but keeping innovation the key, NetEnt has kept everything about the game slightly different from the regular. Here, the player will not see a still background but, a rotating background. The background which has clouds and hilltop rotates constantly. When the game is on and the reels the spinning, the moving backdrop comes to halt.

There are abundant features in Fairy Tale Legends that makes this one of the most amazing slot games. The three random “fairy” features. During the base game, the fairy features are triggered.

They are triggered during any spin. But, scatters are not a part of it. The three features are named Fairy Wild Spin, Fairy Magic Spin and Fairy Surprise.

The Fairy Magic Spin feature turns the reel into similar one symbol. After this, the player stands a chance to get four to five symbol combinations.

During the Fairy Wild Spin feature, the sticky wilds help the player to earn big rewards. The Fairy Surprise too brings a lot of surprises for the players.

Apart from these base game features, there are also many other bonus features to watch out for. The treasure chest scatter initiates three bonus features. The player gets amazing chances to make it big by getting X15 credit on the current bet.

One feature that also guarantees big wins is the “Beware of Wolf” feature. This bonus game gives amazing winning chances to the player.


Fairy Tale Legends is a fun, adventurous and interesting slot game. It gives amazing payouts and an entertaining time to the players.

Game Details

Paylines and Reels- 5 reels and 20 paylines
Game Provider- NetEnt
Coin Size- 20p to £200 per spin
Free spins- Yes
Bonus Round- Yes
Jackpot- Yes

Epic Gems

Gems are shiny and precious but are they epic and dangerous? That depends on a lot of factors. It can be said that the process of mining for gems is epic and dangerous. But on a general note, gems aren’t so dangerous. This isn’t the case in Epic Gems, a betting game developed by Gamevy. To discover how epic this game is, just hang around.

About the Developer

Epic Gems is a game developed by Gamevy, a developer based in London. Games created by Gamevy are different from a lot of others found in average casinos. Unlike those others, Gamevy titles do not involve cards, spinning reels or wheels. It would be more appropriate to credit Gamevy with creating a new style of gameplay well on its way to becoming classical.

About the Game

Epic Gems is a game in which you have to select the right gems or you stand the chance of getting your fingers burnt. The predominant colour in this game is a light blue colour. Serving as a background is outer space with a bluish tinge. In the far distance stars are twinkling in all their glory. Floating lazily about are different planets. This is well complemented with a low tempo action soundtrack that is sure to keep you excited.

When you begin the game, you have to select your preferred bet amount. The minimum is £1 and the maximum is £10. The jackpot increases as your bet amount increases. For the minimum of £1, the jackpot is £2500. For the maximum of £10, the jackpot sum is £25,000. When you are ready for action, click on the ‘PLAY’ button.

This takes you to the main centre of the action. You are presented with 40 gems. Of these 40 gems, four of them are concealed mines while seven of them would double your money. If you select the right gem, it would get sucked into the vortex located to the right and your win increases. If you select the wrong gem, it displays the mine which blows up all your winnings.

Epic Gems comes to an end and shoves a huge ‘UNLUCKY’ at you.


Epic Gems is a very tense game that is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. The excitement here is very palpable and it increases with the number of your clicks. Every click could either make or mar you, so tread carefully.

Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal is a game from the works of Gamevy that introduces an element of lottery into the world of online gambling. This game is one that deviates from the normal pattern of classic games. The game is guaranteed to deliver quality gaming experience and huge payouts.

About the Developer

Gamevy is a casino game developer based in London. This developer is devoted to creating games that are unique in their gameplay. Their games do not involve spinning reels, wheels or cards. Instead, Gamevy introduces an element of the lottery into their games. This review of Diamond Deal would shed more light on the peculiarities of Gamevy.

About the Game

Diamond Deal is a game which involves you selecting diamonds from the right boxes in a 5 x 10 grid. The game design is one that involves a lot of purple and a handful of stage lights. The use of purple here is very significant since it symbolises luxury and this game deals with diamonds.

To start playing Diamond Deal, you have to select the amount which you would stake for a round. The minimum amount is 1 while the maximum is 10. As you select the respective sum that you wish to bet, it displays the jackpot amount. The minimum bet amount of 1 results in a jackpot of 100,000 while the maximum bet amount results in a jackpot of 1,000,000. When you are done selecting your bet, click on the start button.

This takes you to the game proper and displays the grid. To play, you have to click on the box that you think contains the diamond. Only ten of the fifty boxes here contain a diamond, so you need some luck. If you select a box, a white light illuminates the box and exposes its content. If it is empty, it shows a black empty space. If it contains a diamond, it displays the diamond on the screen and the amount of your payout. This is accompanied with a victory soundtrack that is sure to gear you up for more action.

Here, you have four lives with which you are to make the right selection. If you make a wrong selection, one of your lives goes. If you find a diamond, it replenishes your four lives.


Diamond Deal is a very interesting game and is also quite tense. The fact that there are only ten correct boxes out of fifty makes the game quite hard. But, these are diamond so they shouldn’t be easy to locate.

Boss The Lotto

Boss the Lotto is a game that presents a unique angle to casino gaming. This game, like all others from Gamevy, doesn’t involve spinning wheels, spinning reels or a deck of cards. Regardless of this, Boss the Lotto is no less exciting than the other classic casino games. Read on to discover the unique features of this game.

About the Developer

Gamevy is a casino game developer based in London. The games from this developer are different from other games. The gameplay is quite unique that it can be said that Gamevy has created a new genre of games. Although its games are unique compared to other games, they all share a common thread. This common thread would be brought to the fore in this review of Boss the Lotto.

About the Game

Boss the Lotto is a game which involves a player selecting the right balls from a set of lottery balls. These lottery balls are 49 in number and of these 49, six are wrong selections. These balls are quite realistic looking and would make you think you are actually playing real lotto balls. The balls reflect the light from the game, giving it a touch of pink, blue, and green.

When you select the right ball, it spins and transforms into a currency symbol. If you select a wrong ball, it spins and transforms into a black ball. When a black ball is revealed, the remaining five black balls also get revealed and the game is lost. In order to cash out your win, you need to make a minimum of 6 correct selections.

When the gameplay for Boss the Lotto commences, you have to select the amount you wish to bet in a particular round. The minimum amount that you can bet is £1 while the maximum amount is £10. When you bet the minimum of £1, you have the chance of winning a jackpot of £500,000. Betting the maximum of £10 can result in the £5,000,000 jackpot. The higher you bet, the larger your possible jackpot.

If you are in the mood for more adrenaline, you can swipe at the balls to select a row of close balls. This feature is quite risky but if you have the heart and the cash, you can go on and have an exciting time.


Boss the Lotto is not quite different from other games by Gamevy. However, compared to other casino games, the difference is quite clear.

Lost Vegas

Now enter a new world of zombie apocalypse with the Lost Vegas Video slot. This interactive slot uses 5 reels and 243 ways to win. The visuals are a treat to watch and it is a power packed entertainer with lots of bonus features and free spins. Play this fabulous slot at the convenience of your tablets, mobile devices, and desktops and enjoy it.

Get a new experience by playing this game which offers two fantastic gaming modes. Get this video slot for a freeplay or in a real money mode now at Vegas Paradise Casino. Register for free at our casino and get a magnificent 100% welcome bonus up to £/$/€200.

About the Developers of Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas is designed by the pioneers of the gaming legends Microgaming. They have done a splendid job in designing top-notch graphics for this amazing flick.

About the Game

Start spinning the reels of this fantastic video slot by placing a bet from £0.30 to £45. It is a source of entertainment and higher rewards as it keeps offering surprises in the form of free spins and other features.

It has two interesting game modes that you can choose and they are titled as Zombie Mode or a Survivor Mode. There are 2 Base Game Bonus features along with 2 Free Spins feature. The game’s logo is the wild symbol and it replaces for all the symbols except the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol does a brilliant job of activating free spins feature. Not only 3 scatters get you free spins but one scatters symbol can also activate the free spin. There are Survivor Free spins and Zombie free spins, both are different from each other.

You have the low-value symbols of 10, A, J, Q, and K along with the high- value symbols which include symbols of the survivors and the zombies. It is available in demo mode and also in real money mode while attracting an excellent RTP of 96%.

Final Verdict

Lost Vegas is a cheerful video slot that will entertain you while you love spinning the reels. Get ready for a fun ride and make sure you make the most use of it.

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The Rift

The Rift is a mysterious video slot that uses a unique theme. Set in a backdrop of a dark world it uses 5 reels and 17 paylines to give you a special gaming experience. The slot has interesting symbols which keep appearing on the reels to award you with awesome multipliers.

It is available in a demo mode and a real money mode at Vegas Paradise Casino. Make sure you register for free at our casino and win an outstanding 100% welcome bonus package up to £200.

About the Developer

The Rift is a new slot designed by the gaming pioneers Thunderkick. They have designed a brilliant slot which looks visually stunning. Play this game for fun to experience the breathtaking gameplay.

About the Game

It can be played on your mobile devices and desktops. All you need to do is place a betting coin from £0.10 to £100 on each bet. Then you can click on the spin button and wait until some mysterious symbols pop up giving you high rewards.

There are a couple of strange symbols such as the otherworldly coins, an octopus pendant, burning book, stopwatch, and a phial of potion. All these symbols form a winning streak for you enabling some fantastic features and multipliers.

The sticky wild is a Pink coloured wild text that substitutes for all the symbols on the screen. You need to also look for the Rift symbol which is a bonus symbol and wins you free spins. The free spins of 1, 10, 15, and 20 can be won in this slot.

This video slot has a fantastic 96% Return to Player.Additionally, there is another wild symbol that occurs during the Rift Spin and they become a part of the winning payline.

The spooky looking symbols can pay you multipliers such as x0.30, x0.40, x0.50, x1, x1.20, x1.50, x1.70, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x9, x10, x12, x17, and x30. Make sure you keep spinning the reels and land on matching symbols to create higher payouts. Enjoy this game in a free version at our casino.

Final Verdict of the Rift

It is an exciting and engaging slot game that has a new and innovative background theme. The Rift also has the bonus features that keep you going.

You can register for free at our casino and win a magnificent 100% welcome bonus package up to £/$/€200. Hurry up and deposit faster!


For those who were there when the gaming world was just taking its first steps, there are few slot games that would induce a wave of nostalgia. One of such few games is Spectra, a game developed by Thunderkick. Read on to see what Thunderkick has in store for gamers in this iconic game.

About the Developer

Thunderkick is a slot developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. This developer is new in the world of online slot game development. As a result, Thunderkick has just a handful of games to its name. Despite this, the games offer a lot in awesome features and interesting gameplay.

About the Game

Spectra is a game with five reels, three rows, and thirty fixed paylines. The design of the game is simple and it displays telltale signs of game construction in the 1970s. The reels and symbols are constructed from neon lights of multiple colours. The game also has a distinctive soundtrack that is reminiscent of gaming in the 70s.

The symbols in Spectra are basically classic slot symbols. They include bars, red sevens. Clovers and bells. The symbols of lower value are different geometric shapes with the neon lighting of different colours. They include red pentagons, green squares, blue triangles, blue circles and purple diamonds.

The wild in Spectra is the ‘W’ neon symbol with multiple colours. The wild is usually stacked and can be used to replace any of the other symbols in the game. There are no scatters and bonus symbols in this game.

There is only one bonus feature in Spectra and this is the wild respin feature. This feature is activated when the wild lands on the reels. It could also be activated if the wild lands off the reels but next to an active payline. After the payouts, the stacked wilds would move to the center of the reels and you would be given a free spin and a wild. This continues for a while till the wilds get to the center of the reels. When this occurs, the bonus round comes to an end.


Spectra is a game that doesn’t offer much in complex designs and multiple features. However, this is necessary in order for the game to adequately portray those early days of humble beginnings. The RTP of this game is 96.40%, giving the house an edge of 3.60%. With this, getting a win would not be so difficult


The cute Russian doll lovers have a chance to cherish. The lovers of these dolls have got a slot version of this famous doll, Babushka. The Russian doll is already quite popular among the classes and now, the slot version is taking the online casino world by storm. Ironically, just like there is a doll inside a doll, here, in the slot version, there is reward then again a reward in the game. The chain goes expanding and fills the bank balance of the players.

About the Developer

Babushka is a marvel created by Thunderkick. Thunderkick is an amazing online casino game developer and with this slot game, it has raised the bar. With mind-blowing features, Babushka stands out and the credit completely goes to Thunderkick.

About the Game

Babushka is loaded with enthralling features. There is so much to love about this slot game apart from the cute doll. Starting with the graphics, the graphics of this slot game are spell- bounding. They are unique and are appealing to the eyes. The 3D graphics are exhilarating. The background music sets the gaming mood right.

The features of this slot game are quite unique. This slot offers a once in a lifetime experience. The rules and regulations are basic and the gameplay is very easy. Getting the symbols right starts the series of rewards and so, the players just need to hit the right combinations. The symbol of this slot game is the Babushka doll in different sizes and in different colours.

The slot game features five reels and seventeen pay lines. If the player gets the correct combination, he opens up his bright chances in the slot game. The rewards are decided by the bet and the symbols involved.

The reels will flaunt seven dolls numbered 0 to 7. The winning combinations compile of three, four or five similar symbols. If the entire screen flaunts the same doll, it will get upgraded. After this, the doll zero becomes a special ghost doll and the doll is worth a hundred times the initial bet.

The free bonus round of this slot game is so amazing. A player stands a chance to win three big jackpots. The major jackpot gives $1000, the second one offers $250 while the third and the last one gives $50 to the winner.


Babushka is an amazing and extraordinary slot game. The theme is unique and the rewards are big.

Sunset Delight

This slot game is for all the beach loving people who love the sea. This Sunset Delight takes the players to a seaside resort to chill, have a gala time, and make money in the process. This slot game is for the players who love ice creams. This slot gives every player a chance to indulge in some sweet treat and has a lot of fun sitting at home and playing Sunset Delight.

About the Developer

Sunset Delight is a slot game developed by Thunderkick. Thunderkick has done many marvels in the past and is known to bring in interesting themes in the slot games. This time too, Thunderkick has done something different and has given the hardcore casino players a chance to cherish and rejoice.

About the Game

The theme of Sunset Delight is quite colourful. A player notices a colourful screen as soon as he starts playing this slot game. The player sees cones of ice creams with many delicious looking flavours. An amusement park and an endless sea form the background of the slot. The design of this slot is amazing. The soundtrack is like an icing on the cake.

Sunset Delight is a three reels five pay lines slot game. There are a whole lot of interesting features to look forward to. The slot game offers a bumper jackpot of one thousand credits along with 100x multiplier.

To win all the big rewards, all that a player needs to do is to make a winning combination. The base game is quite easy to play and also a lot of fun.

If a player gets 3 scoops of similar scatter symbols, the player gets 5 free spins. Also, 2 balloons come on the screen bearing wafer wheel and showering multipliers.

3 more dollops of ice creams are then added and the totals are summed up. Getting mini wafer gets the X1 multiplier. When the spins finish, a balloon pops up and lands at the bottom. The player can spin again to get some big treats.

The wild feature is also one of the most exciting features of the slot game. It can substitute all the symbols except scatter symbols and hence, it makes up for big wins.


Sunset Delight is an exciting game with a simple set of rules and regulations. It guarantees a lot of fun and off course, big wins. This slot game is definitely a must play.

Dead World

If you are crazy about Post-Apocalyptic stuff, then you will be in love with the Dead world. This gaming slot version designed by 1×2 gaming is based on the comic book with the same name. Dead world lets you explore and kill lots of kick-ass zombies (until you are found and killed first).

About Developer

1×2 gaming has developed and powered Dead world based on the famous Zombie theme. As of now, this game developer has expanded its empire greatly in the gaming marketplace. All the slot games designed and developed by 1×2 gaming are full of brilliant features and several appealing themes.

About Game

Dead world is an online video slot game with 5-reels and 50 paylines. The background music appears to be inspired from a horror movie, and the sound effects are appropriate to the theme completely which adds to the entire eerie feeling. The backdrop of the reels is blood splatters. The kinds of zombies you will be playing with include The Mummy, Bikini Girl, Queasy Rider, Spike and The Mexican. But don’t worry you can also pair up with the veiled Assassin, Pony-Tail, and Tribal.

Set your range of betting before zombie hunting. The symbols are story characters and are generally a variety of zombies with different hues but there are also few human characters like the pony-tailed boy and the grey-garbed girl. For killing the Mexican, you win 45x your line stake, 60x for the Mummy, up to 300x for Spike, up to 70x for Bikini Girl and 500x for Queasy Rider. The biggest earner being 750x for locating fellow killer zombies with Tribal the bludgeoner. The wild icon is the girl in an unusual pose and will replace all the symbols apart from the bonus.
The bonus round in Dead world is activated by landing 3 or more bonus icons on the reels anywhere and a new screen will be displayed with something similar to a shooting range. Zombies roam around in the gallery and you have to hit 6 targets from the revolver having 6 shots. Each shot earns you one cash prize. Aim for the body, head or anywhere – the rewards are random.


Dead world is comparatively simple in its bonus features and game pattern but it sounds and looks great and is certainly the one to be recommended.