Go vroom on the road with Drive! Vegas Paradise brings to you an amazing video slot that is all about cars, speed, and fast food! Yes, there are no fruity or starry symbols here! Only thrill and power! Creation of Microgaming, it is a fast paced slot that is full of action. So buckle the seat belt because this is going to be the ride of your life!

Be prepared to face it all with Drive!

Drive is everything what you expect it to be and much beyond that. It is a 5 reels video slot that has nine paylines. The graphics are handled well by the creators and the sound effects take you right on the racing track. The vibe of this slot is simply irresistible and makes this one of the most played slot machines. A favourite of the bad boys who like to wear their leather jackets and bring out the fast and furious side of them, this is something you cannot afford to miss.

It has an easy gameplay if you understand it step by step, otherwise you may lose the track. Begin by setting the bets and coin value. Though the range of coin value is quite flexible and suitable for people with any budget, but it is obvious that the higher you bet the better you win. Once the bets are set, hit the spin button and race till the end. A winning combination is when three to five symbols of the same kind appear on the active paylines.

Broadly, there are two categories of symbols. The first category is related to cars and the road, the second category is about the pit stop diner. The road symbols are trucker, two different coloured cars, a mirror dice, a wheel on fire. These symbols are highly rewarding. The diner symbols are the fast food symbols of burgers, sodas, pies, etc. The symbol you must keep an eye on is the flaming wheels, because only they can take you to the jackpot.

A road sign is the wild symbol here, having the power to substitute all symbols. The scatter symbol is a police car. And here you will pray to have more of them! 3 symbols get you a 5x multiplier, 4 get you a 20x multiplier, and 5 symbols get you a whooping 50x multiplier.


Drive may not have all your fancy bonus rounds and games, but what it has is enough to keep you addicted to this slot for a really long time – the big rewards!

Fantasini: Master of Mystery

Vegas Paradise brings to you another masterpiece from NetEnt – Fantasini: Master of Mystery! This amazing video slot is too good to be true! A slot machine with a twist of mystery and suspense, what more can you ask for? Move on from the traditional slot machines which bore you to death with simple betting and spinning routine and switch on to this masterpiece which is full of cash and entertainment.

Enter the Mysterious world of Fantasini!

In this 5 reels and 3 rows slot machine, you will experience the awesomeness of 243 ways to win. This means the chances to win are high! The coin value in this game ranges from 0.01 to 0.50. This makes it suitable for people with all budgets. But it is obvious that the higher the bet is, the chances of winning big are also high.

The theme of the slot machine is Mystery, and so the symbols match it. You will find handcuffs, crystal balls, chests, and other mysterious symbols that are mind-boggling. Keep all your senses awake and experience the mysteries!

The wild symbol here is Fantasini himself. So, if you get to see a lot of him, consider it your lucky day! Because he can replace all other symbols and create great winning combinations for you. But what make the game interesting are the Linked reels. Linked reels simply mean that two or more reels turn identical before each spin. This makes it easier to land on winning combinations. Generally, slot machines only offer two identical reels, but in Fantasini you will see that up to 5 five reels can become identical!


Though there are no scatter symbols and free spins in this game, but Fantasini will surely keep you glued to the mysteries it has in store for you. This video slot has a grasping storyline and amazing animations. The golden chains that link reels will excite you every time it appears! If you are bored of the same old fruit and gems spinning on your screen, give this game a shot! NetEnt is known for their creative slot machines and do not disappoint in this creation as well.

What can be better than the deadly combination of linked reels with 243 ways to win? Get your hands on this unification of entertainment, mystery and fun with Fantasini: Master of Mystery! Play now on Vegas Paradise!

Dragon Dance

Explore the colours and festivals of the east without actually going there with Dragon Dance. You will see the entire festival in this video slot that is equally radiant, colourful and playful as it is in China. This slot is powered by Microgaming, who leaves no tabled unturned in this oriental themed slot that is capable of giving you up to 60,000 coins!

Spin and win on Dragon Dance, only on Vegas Paradise!

Be a part of the Dragon Dance festival, a festival that is vibrant and lively. You will see all the elements of the festival in this slot – from fire crackers to amazing lights. This slot has 243 paylines as well, to make this festival no less than a party for its players. Whether you are new to slots or are an old gambler, you will enjoy every bit of this oriental theme, because there are dragons that add fire to the soul of this slot machine.

The scatter symbols here are the fire crackers. Like they light up the sky, they light up your slot with 15 free spins, and also with up to 12,500 coins. This feature can be re-triggered as well. Watch out for the two beautiful dragon symbols as well. The golden dragon can appear on any of the five reels and brings with it rewards of up to 20,000 coins. But that does not mean you ignore the less glorious white dragon. He too brings lots of rewards for you; with the maximum being 12,500 coins in one go. Both of these dragons can appear in the base game as well as during the free spins.

Other rewarding symbols that are equally important are a dancing man and a woman, with up to 10,000 coins. The petite Chinese girl also comes with a smaller reward of up to 2500 coins. So, keep your eyes open because all the oriental symbols are worth something, even if it is just 1000 coins.

Apart from free spins and high paying symbols, there is also a re-spin feature in Dragon Dance. In this feature, the player gets an option to re-spin any of the reels after a spin. This feature comes in handy when you are short of just one symbol in one reel, which can lead you to a big win.

This slot is one of the very rare ones that justify the oriental theme. If you have a thing for the eastern part of the world, then you must play this one that is also highly rewarding!

Bikini Party

For all the party animals out there! Vegas Paradise has brought in Bikini Party just for you! Be a part of the town’s most happening party under the sun and on the sandy beach, and surround yourself with bikini babes! A creation of Microgaming, this slot machine is all about having fun and chilling at the beach while sipping your favourite cocktail.

Are you ready to party at the Bikini Party?

In the five reels and 3 rows slot machine, you will come across 243 ways to win. And with a theme like that to accompany, no player is letting go off this happening slot game any time soon. The graphics are appealing and the music will make you groove all the time, Bikini Party is the most chilled out slot seen in a while. With sexy ladies in colourful bikinis making the best wins for every player, there is no reason to turn down this beach party.

The Bikini Party logo is the wild symbol here and substitutes all symbols except the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol here is Volleyball. When you get three or more of these, you get 15 free spins. Along with free spins comes a 3x multiplier. Unlike other games where free spins are limited, in this one the free spins can be retriggered. If you are lucky enough to get volleyball symbols during your free spins, more free spins are added to your kitty. This means you spin more and the probability of winning is also high.

But this is not the end of it. Along with free spins, there are also re-spins! In the re-spins, the player can choose any one of the reels they wish to re-spin. For instance, if you feel that you are only one symbol short of winning big, then re-spin one reel to take the chance! This feature is not free of cost though. But what good things come for free, anyway?


It is time to get some tan on your body at the beach with the Bikini Party! A graphically well presented game takes you to an entirely new atmosphere where there is only one mood – the mood to party! With so many free spins and re-spins to look forward to, there is no turning back from this slot machine! Get access to unlimited fun at Vegas Paradise with this easy to play slot game from Microgaming.

Dj Wild

Feel like that your life is way too monotonous?? Feel like that you wanna break after a tiring week at work?? What about a party to chill out? A party right in the middle of wherever you are?? That is exactly what you get if you play DJ Wild. The theme, the music and the game play itself gives you the feeling of being a part of incredibly fun party.

The game is a release of Elk Gaming. They are quite new in the world of slot gaming but are fast creating a name for themselves by churning out only good quality games. Dj Wild is of the same category too.

Get the party going!!

Dj Wild is a game that is all about its bonus features . The wilds in this game are of the expanding kind. i.e everytime you land a wild on one of the reels they stick around until you keep on winning with their help. This is one cool feature that is bound to keep you hooked on. But that’s not where the good things end. The wilds not only expand but also provide you with a free spin everytime you get 1 on the reels. Stake free chances to hit the jackpot?? No one ain’t gonna refuse that!!

Also the game has a special DJ Wild symbol landing which on reel 3 will give you a jackpot of 500x your bet!! Awesome isn’t it??

The game has 5 reels and 10 Paylines. The minimum bet amount allowed is 25p while the maximum stands at a cool £100. The slot is a low volatile one so there isn’t it much risk involved. Also the payouts are frequent and this keeps you hooked on for quite a while.

The maximum payout of this slot is 1700x your bet. Not exactly much, but the payouts in this game in smaller frequent amounts. So there are no complaints there.

Also the slot pays both ways!! Probably the best thing about DJ Wild. This pretty much doubles your chances of hitting the a winning combination!!

Party on!!

Well you probably should be convinced by now to play this game for sure. Who wouldn’t be?? The slot has everything it needs to make it a hit amongst the masses. So do try this hit from Elk games. You wouldn’t be disappointed.


Arcader is a unique themed slot which is a mix of a space theme and the traditional fruit theme. Mostly, you will see the dark sky of the space with shiny meteors passing by, with a little touch of fruit in the form of symbols like cherries, bells, and so on. Even though the symbols are the common ones, the layout of this game is very original and futuristic.

Arcader is a slot for sci-fi lovers!

Sci-fi lovers or not, you will still love this slot machine. The reels are very dramatic as they shoot up from the ground of a mysterious planet and land on the middle of the screen. They are not your regular reels, but pixelated ones. They change colours quite often to give a vibrant touch to the dark sky. In the background you will hear electronic music that is good to the ears, and a female robot that announces every win!

Arcader is 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines slot machine with reels being a part of the space, but the symbols are your very own colourful and sweet fruit like the oranges, plums, watermelons, etc. The wild symbol is the one with W written in bold. There is also an expander symbol which is basically an Arrow. And the scatter symbols are B and M written in bold. The arrow symbol is the expanding wild, which expands in the entire reel it has appeared in and forms a win.

When you get three or more of the B symbol, you are awarded free spins and a corresponding multiplier. For every three symbols you get 9 free spins and 1x multiplier, for 4 symbols you get 9 free spins and 3x multiplier, and for 5 symbols you get a 9x multiplier along with the 9 free spins. During the free spins, you might even come across the Sticky Wild feature on reels 2, 3, and 4.

And that is not it. When you see 3 or more M symbols, it is time for a Mystery Game! Here, you will have to choose from the pixilated symbols each of which has a different cash prize in it. This goes on until you get to a red X symbol which ends this bonus round.


Arcader is a blend of a slot game and an arcade game. This makes it very entertaining and a must play for all – only on Vegas Paradise!

Birds on a Wire

‘Birds on a Wire’ is basically a very sadistic game! This is because in this colourful slot, there comes a point when the birds sitting on the electric wire get electrocuted and we laugh at them!

Colourful, funny and full of action!

The birds welcome you to the game and gradually take up their places on the wire. When you hit spin, the screen changes and there are now fifteen birds sitting on 3 wires. Not every day do you come across such slot games with interesting characters? The background score is also decent, and the sound effects when a hit happens or a bird gets electrocuted are funny. A totally value for money 17 paylines slot game will keep you entertained for as long as you desire!

If you have found the theme of this game interesting, you will probably enjoy the bonus features too. To begin with, the big black bird is the wild symbol and has the authority to replace all other symbols, except of course the bonus symbol. The game, however, becomes interesting with Cascading reels. In this feature, whenever you get a winning combination, the fluttering birds will explode! And do not feel bad to smile at this because it is kind of funny the way it has been represented. The exploded-birds will drop down and you will see a new flock of Birds on a Wire!

This comes with a probability of winning again, and can go on until you stop getting winning combinations. And while that happens, you also get an increasing multiplier, with its limit to 5x until no wins are in your kitty.

The scatter symbols which lead you to free spins are actually cats hiding in a paper bag! As hilarious as it sounds, it is quite a deal to look at. Here, the birds fly away to another bunch of electric wires, but the multipliers are also huge with 4x, 8x, 12x and the maximum of 20x!


A theme you will fall in love with, Birds on a Wire is so much more than we expected! It is not a rip off of any other game, and has a smooth gameplay we can swear by! Get over the monotony of 5×3 reels because this is something really unique this game has to offer! A mobile slot with fun features and exciting bonus rounds to die for. Life just cannot get any better!

Scratch Volcano Eruption

Looking for something beyond slot machines? Vegas Paradise hears you! Bringing to you a scratch card game – Scratch Volcano Eruption. A smooth blend of drama, entertainment and lots of wins, this scratch card game is what you need right now! Be a part of this explosive adventure as you scratch your way to amazing wins while having a great view of a gigantic volcano ready to erupt!

Scratch Volcano Eruption is fun and easy to play!

Do not get flown away with the molten lava, this game is the real deal! It has an easy gameplay that is supported by crisp graphics to give the players immense satisfaction and ample of reasons to return. This dramatic scratch card is very similar to the veteran paper scratch cards; the difference here is that you get lots of animations here to make the entire experience vibrant and playful.

Similar to paper scratch cards, here in a 3×3 grid you will have to scratch to reveal the hidden symbols. When you get three matching symbols anywhere in the grid, it is a winning deal. Now, it depends on you how to play. You can either go the traditional way of scratching the entire grid, or select the Reveal All option to see all the symbols at once. There is also an autoplay option where you can set your bets and sit back to see the scratch cards come one by one.

What you win depends on the symbols that come. The highest paying symbol is the dinosaur. When you get three or them on the scratch card, you win 1000 times your bet. Other decent paying symbols are the parrot, monkey, frog, butterfly and others. You will also come across the Volcano symbol. It is like the scatter symbol of a slot machine. When you get three of them, the Ladder bonus game is activated. In the bonus game, you can collect up to nine flame icons. Depending on the number of icons you collect, you get payouts, which are obviously high, highest being 50,000 on collecting 9 flames.


Scratch Volcano Eruption is one of the best scratch card games you will come across for your mobile devices. It has a return rate of 90.43% which is decent enough for a regular scratch card game. Generally, scratch card games have no bonus games and have only different paying symbols. Scratch Volcano Eruption is special because it has both!

Scratch Ramesses Riches

Scratch Ramesses Riches

A gameplay designed around the Pharaohs, Scratch Ramesses Riches takes you back in time to the Egyptian Era. The symbols are in complete sync with the theme of the game and it includes beautiful maidens, secret keys, maps and other mystical objects. The game looks beautiful against the pyramid backdrop and golden symbols.

How to Play Scratch Ramesses Riches

You start by placing a bet which can be anywhere from 20 p to £200. If you decide to go big with £200 wager you stand a chance to win a fabulous mega prize worth £250,000. And you get that for a simple gameplay that requires you to follow a 2 step process – Bet and Reveal. You will see an up/down button which lets you adjust your wager. Remember, your winnings will be directly proportional to the amount you bet. A higher bet means big take away. So strike a balance between being conservative and being a spend thrift!

Once you have placed your bet you can start to, one by one turn the squares on the 3 by 3 grid of Scratch Ramesses Riches. If you a lucky and three similar symbols line up on your screen, you stand to win as per the pay table. If you want to go a little faster on your winning spree, you can choose the reveal all button instead of leafing over all squares one by one. You can also go for the auto play button and save more time. All you have to do is select from five, ten, fifteen, twenty or twenty five and let the game play for itself. All you have to do is place your bet and count your winnings.

The verdict

Winning 1000x your wager is not a small payout. You can take home a real big jackpot by playing the most simplistic of casino games. Scratch cards have a simple thrill of uncovering the hidden symbols. In an offline scenario, it is not as much fun because it does not have the beautiful visuals and sounds of its online counterparts. Scratch Ramesses Riches exceeds player expectations on every front – superb graphics and fabulous payouts. Keep your eye on the £250,000 and play to win! Even newbies can try out the game for as low as 20p. The theoretical payout is 95.17%. Get started. The Egyptian Pharaoh is waiting to share his treasures with you!

Scratch Irish Eyes

The Scratch game Irish eyes, that can leave you starry eyed

Eyes are considered to be the window to your soul and that is probably what made the developers create the Scratch game Irish eyes. But in this game, the Irish eyes are not the window to anyone’s soul but the window to a ton of riches. Though the game does not have anything out of the ordinary to offer, it does give a good relaxing gameplay and help you while away some time.

Gameplay and specifications

The Scratch game Irish eyes is a game that is pretty simple to follow because it keeps with the conventional Scratch card rules. The game is a simple 3×3 game and follows the match to win principle. The game has a pretty good and well adjustable stake range from 20p to £ 200 which makes the game ideal no matter what kind of player you are.

The game has a really cool animation sequence running and is well presented. The background soundtrack is pretty calm and can get you in a really relaxed mood.

Game features and options

The Scratch game Irish eyes does not really have a bunch of special features that can make you love the game. Instead it sticks to the general rule of getting at least 3 matching symbols to get wins. The symbols all are weighted and you can get a maximum reward of 1000x your stake in this game.

The developer has added a number of options to enhance the gaming experience. You have an Autpplay option and a Reveal all option which can make things pretty easy. All you need to do is choose the number of time you want to play the game in a streak and click on autoplay and relax. The reveal all option is another great feature where instead of scratching through each card, you can find out what you’ve got at a click of a button.

The game also has a maxbet option where you can play for the maximum stake limit in the game at the click of a button.


The Scratch game Irish eyes is a great game that can be played for relaxing. Though the game does not have any flashy features, the 1000x jackpot is pretty decent. The game has an RTP of 85.6% which is slightly low for a gambling game that is supposed to be player friendly.