Gonzo’s Quest

Hunt for the city of gold with Gonzo in Gonzo’s Quest

If you haven’t hear about the Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro, then NetEnt has rolled out a slot game to educate you about him, and help you get rich in the process. Gonzo was an explorer and is famous for his conquest to find out the city of gold, El Dorado. In this slot game, you accompany him to find the lost city, trekking through dangerous jungles and uncovering mayan symbols along the way. But what’s most important is that Gonzo is a generous man, and he rewards you handsomely for every little finding, be it a mayan symbol or even the less prioritised ones like the deck of cards.

Slot Specifications

Gonzo’s quest is a 5 reel and 20 payline game. The game has a really catchy explorer theme, and the background of the slots and the archeological feel of the symbols add to the ambience of the game. The game is playable from just 20p a spin to £ 50 making it an ideal game for casual players looking for a bit of fun. The background soundtrack in the base game also does justice ot the game by providing an air of thrill and suspense as you spin the reels in your quest to find El Dorado.

Game Features

Gonzo’s quest does not have any wild symbols. But if you think that this is going to affect your gameplay then you’re pretty wrong. Gonzo provides you with a multiplier, a free spins bonus round and a new concept called avalanche reels in the base game. The avalanche reels work like a block arcade game. When you have a winning combination, the reels in that payline explode and the symbols above them slide down to take their place. This way, the reels don’t really spin when you hit the spin button. Every time you get a winning combo, the progressive multiplier keeps increasing from 1x to 5x.

The Free falls feature is triggered when you get 3 or more scatter symbols. Here you get 10 free spins and the progressive multiplier changes from 1x – 5x to 3x – 15x and increases from 3x for every successful win in steps of 3. This means that from the 5th spin you can get a 15x stake multiplier up to the 10th spin if you get a winning combo in every spin. The best part is that you also can retrigger this feature during the bonus round, which can give you 10 more spins.


Gonzo really is the rock star of this game and NetEnt’s animations in the portrayal of this explorer is pretty good. The game has some really decent rewards for almost all combinations and can get you rich even if you don’t find out the jackpot waiting for you at El Dorado in the end of the game.

Tornado Farm Escape Touch

It’s Tornado time with Tornado: Farm Escape Touch

If you have ever loved slot games with a sudden surprise in the plot, then Tornado: Farm Escape Touch from NetEnt is a game worth going for. The game has a simple farmyard theme with everything from cattle to pigs and sheep in the farm going about their daily lives grazing around the field. But things can get pretty much out of hand thanks to the game’s features, but you will soon find out that only when things go out of hand that you will get some big wins in your hands!

Gameplay and Slot specifications

Though it may sound like Tornado: Farm Escape Touch has a lot going on and you need to do a lot more than spin the reels, this is far from true. The developers have done an excellent job in making this slot game visually superb and given a great deal of options to make your gaming experience a smooth one. Rest assured, all you need to do is spin to win!

This 5 reel and 20 paylines slot game is playable from 20p to £ 200 per spin and the game has a highly recurrent bunch of features that can give you the wins you are looking for. Don’t let the banjo soundtrack fool you, because when the storm comes, you are in for some major surprises and rewards.

Game Features

Tornado: Farm Escape Touch has two features that can spin the reels of luck in your favor. Called the Storm feature and the Tornado feature, though they do sound destructive, these two features will turn out to be your best friends in the game.

The storm feature is triggered when a cloud symbol appears in one of the outer reels Just like a storm passes over, this cloud passes over your reels making every slot it touches a wild slot. This not only gives you multiple wilds but also huge wins.

The tornado feature is triggered when a hot and cold symbol appears simultaneously on the two end reels of the play screen. This creates a current and a tornado appears on the reels and takes up the slot symbol on the center in a free spins round. The more number of active symbols you have, the more number of free spins you get during the tornado feature.


Tornado: Farm Escape Touch is a fun mobile slot game to play. With a £ 140,000 jackpot and a 96.5% RTP, the game offers quite a lot of perks for a simple casual and fun slot game. NetEnt has done a great job in presenting the game with superb visuals and a number of features that makes it a must play slot game.

Subtopia Touch

Explore life underwater with Subtopia Touch

If you have ever wondered what life is inside a pressurised hollow steel tank under water, also called a submarine, then NetEnt has just the thing for you. for you. Subtopia Touch is NetEnt’s mobile version of the famed underwater themed slot game which lets you explore life as a part of a submarine crew in an underwater adventure. The game has everything that you need to feel a realistic touch from a deep sea background to symbols of your fellow crew members which includes a captain, a mechanic, a nerdy scientist and many more people.

Slot Specifications

Subtopia Touch is a 5 reel and 20 payline game. With a total of 20 coins that has variable bets from just 1p to £ 5 per coin, the game is playable from 20p to £ 100 per spin, making the game somewhat favourable to casual gamers a little more than high rollers. the game is visually superb and NetEnt has made no compromises in features or entertainment while converting the famed PC slot into an Android and IOS compatible version playable in mobiles and tablets alike.

Game Features

Subtopia Touch is a game which has quite a lot of features that can make your gameplay a wonderful experience. The game has wilds, scatters, multipliers and a bonus free spin round. The game’s wild feature is a symbol substituting wild and can help you out whenever you are just one symbol short of a winning payline. But the wild cannot substitute for scatters.

A random multiplier of 1x, 2x, 3x or 5x is given every time you spin the reels making the wins out of every spin unpredictable and even more fun. The game also has a free spin’s round which gets triggered when you get 3 or more scatters you trigger the free spins round which again has an unpredictable number of spins which can add to the fun. The free spins round also has an added multiplier feature which multiplies your wins by 2x, 4x or 6x.


Subtopia Touch is a fun slot game that can get you some really rich rewards. The game has an RTP of 96.53% suggestive of the fact that the game’s features can be considered decently recurrent. Besides this the unpredictable nature of the free spins and multipliers are a boon rather than a bane because this adds a lot more fun to the game.


Explore the new flavor of simplicity with Stickers

If you loved the simple but superb Starburst slot game from NetEnt, then you will love Stickers too because the game is yet another video slot game that uses the simplicity factor greatly. At a time of great advancement in graphics technologies and game designs, this slot game from NetEnt surprises you because of the fact that the game has a really simple design and presentation, but can get quite addictive and become a favourite.

Gameplay and Slot specifications

Stickers is no multi level sophisticated progressive game with a ton of features that are all hard to trigger and prove to be counter effective at the end. Instead the game simply relies on one feature which is pretty much highly recurrent and sticks to your reels to make sure you do not go home disappointed.

The game theme is that of a simple casino slot with no mind boggling story line. All you need to do is simply spin to win. The slot game has 5 reels and 20 paylines and it can be played from as little as 20p a spin to £ 200 a spin.

Game Features

Stickers has just one feature but it is frequent enough to keep you busy. When it comes to single feature games, the developer ensures that there is an added perk to this feature. In the case of Stickers there is not one but two perks. Just like Starburst, this game also relies on wilds to reward you.

The wilds in this game are not just simple symbol substituting wilds. The wilds in this game are pretty rewarding because they have a sticky feature and also trigger re spins. The best part about this re spin feature is that the wild also sticks to the reels for re spins. Another add on perk is that the game can also trigger re spins during re spins. If you chance upon getting 5 wilds on your play screen


Stickers is a fun game that can be really enjoyed by slot gamers looking for casual fun. With a potential 400x times your stake to win, the game does offer some decent chances all the time you spin your reels. While you might feel the game isn’t rewarding enough because it has just one feature, it must be kept in mind that the wild is also sticky and triggers free spins. The game also has a feature where you can get 5 wilds at the same time on your playscreen, triggering 5 re spins with 5 sticky wilds which can make your day. Though the game is a low variance slot, it is suitable for casual and fun gambling and gaming.

Steam Tower

Steam ahead with Steam Tower

If you have been a fan of victorian era based games, then NetEnt has yet another game that can probably get into your list of must plays. Steam Tower is a steampunk themed slot game with a fiery theme that can thrill its players. The game is hosted on an industrial set up and is progressive in nature. This 5 reel and 15 paylines slot game has some really flexible stake amounts and is playable from just 15p to £ 150 per spin.

Game Theme

The game is all about a damsel in distress locked on the highest floor of a steam tower, guarded by a dragon. You need to spin the reels to keep progressing one floor after the other, and by doing so, you get a really good reward with multipliers and an awesome free spins feature. The game can be deemed to be progressive and mildly challenging once you go six floors and above, because the odds of getting a winning payline keeps decreasing as you go higher. If your aim is to fill up your wallet, playing this slot game repeatedly and not paying much attention to your progress might just work out. But if you want to rescue the Damsel in distress on top of the Steam Tower then you are going to need some luck.

Game Features

Steam Tower is a progressive game and the progressive feature that goes with it is a level multiplier. Having 16 floors, the game offers a 2x multiplier from levels 1 to 3, 3x multiplier from 4 to 6, 4x multiplier from 7 to 9, 5x multiplier from 10 to 12, 6x multiplier from 13 to 15 and a 7x multiplier on the 16th and topmost floor.

Besides this the game also offers stacked wilds and free spins. Out of these, the stacked wilds need special attention as they are the key to your floor progression. Stacked wilds not only substitute for symbols, they also trigger free spins and take you to higher levels in the game.


Steam Tower is a pretty exciting game to play. It has a 1000 coin Jackpot in the final level and getting there can be quite exciting and challenging. You can also get 2000x your stake if you get stacked wilds on every reel. The graphics and soundtrack are pretty good, but the best things in the game are its progressive nature and theme.

Starburst Touch

Simplicity at its best is found at Starburst Touch

NetEnt is one game developer attributed for coming with concepts out of the box when it comes to making slot games. The Starburst slot game was one such game, where simplicity was the key area of focus. And the game was somewhat not well received by most players initially because the game only had one feature to offer. But Starburst became such a hit that now NetEnt Touch has released the mobile compatible version of the game. Now Starburst Touch can be played across all mobiles and tablets powered by IOS and Android.

Gameplay and Slot specifications

When it comes to Starburst Touch, you will find that the game is hardly any different from the PC version. The game developer has done a great job with implementing everything from the online version, be it the amazing graphics and soundtrack, or the simple options that enriches your gaming experience, or the single simple feature that has been presented so well that you will hardly miss anything. The game is a simple spin to win game with a casino theme. With a jackpot of £ 100,000 to win when you play for maximum stakes, the game can be really exciting.

The slot game is a simple 5 reel and 10 paylines game. The coin ranges are highly flexible and you can adjust to spin anywhere between 20p to £ 200 per spin. So even if you are just a casual gamer or a high roller, the game can be a likely place for investment!

Game Features

Starburst Touch has just one simple feature. Known as the Starburst wild feature, the bonus game gives you a combination of free spins and sticky wilds.

In order to trigger the feature, all you need to do is land the Starburst symbol on your play screen. The symbol comes only on reels 2, 3 and 4 and getting it on any one of the reels, makes the symbol expand and fill the whole reel with wilds. Further, you are given a free spin, where the wild reel sticks to the playscreen and only the other reels spin.

You are in for some major wins if you ever get three starburst symbols on your reels as you not only get three expanding wilds, but 3 free spins with three reels full of sticky wilds! Needless to say this can be the big break you are looking for!


Starburst Touch is a fun NetEnt game which presents a very simple but effective concept. The game has an RTP of 96.1% suggestive of the fact that the one feature in the game is enough to keep you busy.

Spiñata Grande

Get ready for colossal wins with Spiñata Grande

If you are looking for a fun and joyful slot game to play with quite a bit of color and festiveness about it then the Spiñata Grande is a game that you can consider trying out. Coming from NetEnt studios the game has a lively theme and amazing graphics and an awesome soundtrack that goes with it. This mexican mariachi inspired slot game has 5 reels and 40 paylines, and coming from NetEnt, boasts of a new kind of feature called as colossal wilds which can give you some colossal wins.

Slot Specifications

Spiñata Grande is a 5 reel and 40 paylines video slot game. But even though the game does have 40 paylines, the stakes are highly flexible and you can bet anywhere between 20p to £ 200 per spin, making the game ideal for all slot players with all kinds of bet limitations. The game makes use of a mini slot game inside the main game, and is quite thrilling thanks to its band of highly unconventional but fun features.

Game features

Spiñata Grande has a number of features but they are all triggered by the colossal symbols. The colossal symbol can either be a 2×2 or 3×3 symbol and can get you some really huge wins. The mini slot feature of the game gets triggered with this colossal symbol. Depending upon the size of the colossal symbol you get a mini slot game which can have 3, 6 or 9 mini slot symbols.

The mini slot gives you features such as colossal wilds, free spins, scatters and extra spins. If you get anywhere between 3 or more scatter symbols in the mini slot game you can win 5 free spins. If you get more than 3 scatters, you get more than 5 free spins depending upon the number of scatters you have. The colossal wild in the game is a gigantic block of luck and an be 2×2 or 3×3 in size and give you some really huge rewards.


Spiñata Grande is a game that can take some getting used to. The features are a bit out of the box and needs a couple of try out games for people to get into the swag. While the game itself is pretty joyful and fun to play, the colossal symbols come only to a patient man. But if you do get colossal bonuses, then you stand the chance of winning around 300 times your stake which is not to be taken lightly.

South Park Reel Chaos Touch

Create some chaos with the South Park Reel Chaos Touch game

NetEnt’s South Park Reel Chaos was a great game that saw the 4 mins year olds in some great action,and now you can have the same action on your mobiles and tablets thanks to NetEnt Touch’s efforts in bringing the South Park Reel Chaos Touch game. This mobile version of the famous south park slot game is guaranteed to leave you satisfied no matter what you are looking for. Be it features, gameplay, graphics or animation, the game has everything you need.

Slot Specifications

If you ever had a chance to play the PC version of this slot game then you probably do not need a walk through of the game features or specifications because NetEnt has done a great job in making sure that no features are compromised in this 5 reels and 20 paylines game playable on mobiles. South Park Reel Chaos Touch has really flexible stake limits which make the game quite wallet friendly. You can choose any stake in the range of 20p to £ 100 per spin and this makes this game playable by all kinds of gamers.

Game Features

South Park Reel Chaos Touch has a ton of features. The game has expanding wilds, overlay wilds, free spins, re spins and multipliers thanks to the 4 mini games and the bonus game.

Cartman’s minigame is all about taking down General Disarray from the top of the reels and as he does so, every slot he touches is turned into a wild. Cartman’s stacked wilds can leave 2 to 3 wild symbols in the reel.

Kenny’s minigame is a little more serious as he is engaged in a bout with evil professor Chaos. While he wrestles, you get a multiplier between 2x and 4x for that round.

If it is results that you want then Stan’s minigame will save you. Stan gives you multiplying re spins until you get a solid win from the game and the multiplication keeps going up to 10x your stake.

Kyle’s minigame gives you overlay wilds which is graphically bought when he zaps the evil hamsters with his laser gun.
If you thought the minigames were fun, then you will be thrilled to know that the game’s bonus round called mintberry crunch epic finale has multipliers, free spins and a progressive gameplay which can be highly rewarding


South Park Reel Chaos Touch is a fun game to play and has some really rewarding and exciting minigames to keep you occupied and on your toes throughout the time you play this slot game. With an RTP of 96.8% and a jackpot of 121,250 coins, the game can be pretty rewarding and exciting for all players.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality

Experience the Egyptian Pyramid Adventure

Pyramid Quest for Immortality takes you back in time, to the Egyptian Era when dead Pharaohs were buried along with their riches and their mistresses. While the Egyptians believed that there was life after death, the world around exploited their customs by digging up the graves and stealing the treasures buried with their dead.

Set yourself on the adventure to loot all the treasures, get ready to chase the evils away and plunder as much as possible.

About Pyramid Quest for Immortality

It has an advanced layout with 5 reels set in unique row structures. The reels are in pyramid like structure and there are 720 different ways to win. Simply speaking, as long as you get similar symbols on adjacent reels you are set to win Pyramid Quest for Immortality. Remember, it considers a left to right formation for winning line.

The symbols include hieroglyphics which pays 7 times, golden snakes that are worth 8x, golden eagles that go 10x and beetles that can win you 15 times. At the highest level is the Pharaoh himself who gets 50 times and his mistresses who are buried with him pay up 25 times. There is also Horus and Anubis who guard the Pharoah’s tomb.

You can bet 0.1 coins at the minimum and 200 coins at the maximum.

Features of Pyramid Quest for Immortality

Lets speak of the most unique feature first. It is the Avalanche. It appears in the place of spin symbol and symbolizes dropping of symbols from top. When the symbols form a winning line, the line vanishes and a new avalanche starts. The new avalanche is free! The series of avalanches continue as long as the winning lines continue to form.

You have also go the avalanche multiplier which gets activated if 3 avalanches are won in a row. The multiplier value can be taken upto 10 times the bet value! That’s how you can reach 3600000 coins of winning!

Another unique feature is the wild generation one. It means that there is no standard wild. The symbols in 2, 3 and 4 reels can form a winning line and be qualified to be a wild in the free avalanche. The wild replaces any symbol to increase the probability of forming yet another winning line.


A welcome departure from the usual slots, Pyramid Quest for Immortality is full of adventure and thrills. Be ready to plunder the top prize of whopping 3600000 coins!

Piggy Riches Touch

Play Piggy Riches Touch & share the pig couples’ wealth

Giving animals a human touch is not uncommon but Piggy Riches Touch does it perfectly with humour and entertainment. The pig couple who are extremely prosperous show off their wealth to the players and invite them to take a dig. Their riches include diamonds, fur, gold, mahogany and every other object that symbolizes wealth. If you are tired of playing horror, retro and other typical slot themes, lift your mood with Mr & Mrs. Pig’s cute life story.

About Piggy Riches Touch:

It has 15 pay lines and 5 reels. All the players have to do is select all variables including the level of gameplay to get started. There are 10 levels! The game features are nothing extra ordinary but the generous freeplays and multipliers make it extremely interesting.

Features of Piggy Riches Touch

Mr. Pig and Mrs. Pig play the host to you and it is there presence that will make you win. If you see any of them it is a good omen because Mr. Pig is the wild and Mrs. Pig is the scatter symbol.

Mr. Pig can take position of any symbol, like all wilds do. But it can also appear in the primary game and if it makes a winning line you get 3 times your bet. But remember, Mr. Pig is a wild and a wild can never take place of scatter!

Mrs. Pig is your scatter and if luck is by your side it will appear in 3s or more. Be ready to spin free a whopping 28 times! It can also bless you with a multiplier ranging from 2 to 100 times. To know the multiplier value, simply click on the scatter symbol. What happens when you are into your free spin mode? You need to pray to see Mr. Pig because he can give you 18x your bet. And the game is designed such that a free spin can bless you with another free spin. In other words, if you see Mrs. Pig during your free spin, you can enjoy more freebies. With so many free spins, you wont have to dig too much into your pocket.

If you know the tricks well, you can even sit back, relax and start autoplay mode. Let the game know your preferences in terms of spins, delay and stop timings.


The theoretical payout of Piggy Riches Touch is 96.10%. Make hoards of money and have fun with the entertaining characters while you are at it!