Guns N Roses

Put your fists in the air for the Guns and Roses Slot game!

After almost a year of waiting, NetEnt has finally released its most awaited tributary slot game Guns and Roses and the game is by far one of the best that has ever rolled out of the chambers of game design. The slot game, which is intended to immortalize the band, will surely fulfill its purpose because of the fact that it has a number of features to enhance your gaming experience and also a number of features to make your rewards skyrocket. With 6 bonus rounds and a Jackpot of 2000 coins, the game is more than a fitting way to pay a tribute to the legendary band.

The game is a 5 reel, 20 paylines slot game playable from 20p to £ 100 and you can even choose the soundtrack you listen to while playing the game!

Game Features

The Guns and Roses slot game does not just have a cool presentation, but it also has some really great features that can make things pretty exciting. From normal wilds, to overlay wilds to expanding wilds to even free spin bonuses and multipliers, the game has everything you need in an abundance.

The Guns and Roses symbol is the wild in the game and getting it on your reels can be gateway o rewards because the symbol is an expanding wild and can cover up your reels. The Appetite for destruction feature is an overlay wild that covers your reels in a cross shape. The legend spins gives you 3 re spins with stacked wilds on reels 3, 1 and 5 and then 2 and 4 in the 3 spins. The game also has a random multiplier from 4x to 10x which can pop in on any spin. These are the 4 randomly triggered features in the game and all you need are 3 matching symbols to trigger them.

Besides this the game also makes use of 3 bonus features which are triggered when you get the bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. You have a coin feature which can give you 10 to 30 times your stake, a free spins round with an exclusive band member acting as a stacked wild on every spin and an encore feature where you can make upto 80 times your stake amount.


The Guns and Roses slot game is by far one of the best tributary games from NetEnt. Though it did take a while for the game to release, it was definitely worth the wait and the arsenal of features in the game promises some great riches. The slot game is a great way to remember the band and pay respect to the masters of music.

Koi Princess

The Koi Princess slot game from NetEnt is one of the most feature rich games that the game maker has ever developed. If you thought that the only reason why you could never win big in slot games was because of the lack of features, then this slot from NetEnt is here to even out things for you.

The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. You can adjust your coin values from 10p to £ 1 over the 10 coins that are available per payline. So this gives a maximum stake possibility of £ 200.

Game Features

Koi Princess is all about features. This one slot game alone has close to 8 features which makes this game an exciting game to play. Four features are random, while the other four features in the game are bonuses.

The random features are:

5 Hit- This feature gives you a guaranteed 5 hit win in a spin for a random payline with random symbols.

Random wilds- This feature gives you 4-9 overlay wilds in a spin to help you win big.

Wild reels- In this feature, you get 1 spin where a whole reel gets turned into a wild. This feature works in such a way that you get 2 to 5 reels like this.

Random bonus- Here you get to choose a random bonus feature for one spin in the game.

The bonus games in Koi Princess are:

Sure Win- This feature gives you 10 free spins where the winnings of free spins except the first one is guaranteed to be the highest you have won. Spins 1 to 5 have an overlay wild in reels 1, 2 or 3. From spins 6 to 10, you get a random wild anywhere between reels 3 to 5.

Wild reels free spins- Here you get overlay wilds in any random reel for 10 free spins. These wild reels keep changing and you can even get all 5 reels as wild symbols.

Coin win- In this feature you get a random multiplier anywhere between 25x to 30x which boosts your previous spin winnings.

The bonus wheel feature- In the bonus wheel feature you are given a pair of dice and a wheel with 12 slots. Depending upon your roll, you get an assigned slot and this can get you huge wins.


Koi Princess is one game which has a huge load of features in stock for its players. the game has some awesome features like the bonus wheel feature which does assure a prize, but the best part is that the kind of prize that awaits you is left to luck. the game is a medium variance slot game and is a must try for slot buffs.

King of Slots

Set in the mysterious caves of a lost island, the King of Slots from NetEnt is a game that has a considerable level of mystery to it. Being a typical casino theme, the slot game features a number of symbols such as diamonds, cherries, crown, a wild and gold crusted citrus and melon slices besides the low level A, K, Q, J and 10 which all have a precious stone texture. An easy way to relate the theme is with the story of Alibaba and the 40 thieves. Just like he has to say the right words to open the magic cave filled with riches, your reels must give the right combinations to unlock the digital cave of wonders.

Game progression and slot specifications

The King of Slots is a simple 5 reel and 26 payline game that has some really attractive features. The game has relatively low stake amounts compared to other games, but offers a huge return for these stakes, making it a must play game. The stakes can be set from 10p to £ 1 per coin and a total of 10 coins are available per payline. If you are person who does not mind taking a few low cost risks, then you can simply play the game using the maximum bet option which lets you stake £ 260 and gives you chances of getting £ 195,000,000 in return.

The game also has the autospins feature which lets you fix a bet and simply spin away the reels till when you decide to stop. This way you can relax and enjoy the game instead of having to click around the screen every now and then.

Game Features

The King of Slots is a game that has a number of features which have an excellent frequency of occurrence. The game makes use of wilds, scatters and special and unique feature called a skill stop.

The wild symbol in the game is a symbol substituting wild and can substitute for all other symbols except the scatters. This can help you get some really good wins even if you are one symbol short of a winning combo.

Getting 2 or more scatter symbols gives you 10 to 15 free spins in the free spins bonus game. The game also features a skill stop option where you can stop the reels spinning whenever you feel like with a click. If you have good reflexes, you might be able to stop the reels in winning combos.


The King of Slots is a take it easy slot game that does not really use a lot of thrills and kills in the game. The game pace can be decided by you, and even the maximum stake amounts are quite low comparatively making the game a medium variance slot game. The skill stop feature and other fun features in the game can help you trigger the 750,000 coin jackpot which is not something to be taken lightly.

Jack Hammer Touch

NetEnt has some amazing games up its sleeve and there are some that can never stop with just the one game. That is the reason why they release sequels and Jack hammer is one of those games. And why is it that Jack Hammer needed a sequel? We investigate it with the original Jack Hammer slot game, which is now also available as a mobile slot game by the name Jack Hammer Touch.

Slot Specifications and Gameplay

Jack Hammer touch is a 3 row, 5 reel and 25 paylines slot game. But each of the symbols or rows in every reel spin independently making the game a 15 reel game in essence. The game also has some amazing payouts compared to its sequel. The total amount that can be won out of the original Jack Hammer game is around £ 30,000 which is no amount to be taken lightly. If you are graced with wilds all across your reels and rows, then you stand a chance to win £ 10,000 which is one of the greatest single spin payouts in slot games.

The Jack Hammer Touch has a relatively simple but attractive gameplay. The game is all about the Jack Hammer comics, and makes use of symbols like a car chase, a radioactive beaker, a damsel in distress, Jack Hammer himself and the main villain in the game, Evil Dr. Wuten. Join Jack Hammer, the private detective as he foils Dr.Wuten’s plan and makes the world a better place to live.

Game Features

Jack Hammer Touch makes use of the very same features that were used in the PC version of the slot game. The whole game is built around sticky wilds. Jack Hammer himself is the wild and substitutes for all other symbols except scatters.

The sticky wins feature is triggered during the free spins round. Here when you get wilds on your reels during your free spins, these wilds stick to the reels even for the next spin. Needless to say, this boosts your chances of winning greatly. The sticky wild feature can help you trigger the £ 10,000 bonus!


Jack Hammer is one of the first slots from NetEnt to use the Sticky Wilds feature. The touch version of the game has no compromises regarding features, although graphics have been dialled down a bit to make the game mobile compatible. But with an RTP of 97% and some amazing payouts and features, this little lack of being flashy will go hardly noticed.

Hook’s Heroes

Hook’s Heroes from NetEnt gaming studios is a game that is all about sailing the high seas in search of the perfect crew. No voyage cannot be made in rough seas and Captain hook knows this best. The game is all about finding his crew members and you are the first mate of the ship. Your duty is to find the crew members, and every time you get the perfect member you get rewarded by Captain Hook. With an interesting gameplay and good graphics and accompanying sounds, the game does not fail to impress its players.

Slot specifications

Hook’s Heroes is a 5 reel and 20 paylines slot game that has some amazing graphics. NetEnt never fails to disappoint when it comes to making their games interesting and attractive and that is what they have done with this game too. The game has flexible stake amounts from 20p to £ 200. The game also has the autopin feature and other options that have been provided to make your gaming experience quite comfortable.

The game has a number of symbols like Captain Hook, VooDoo, Peter pan in a croc skin outfit, a girl and a lot more. The game has an exciting free spins feature and a well suited caribbean style background track that goes with it.


Hook’s Heroes is one game that is full to the brim with features. Though the game just has wilds and free spins, the free spins rounds it has are divided into three choices and each choice has special benefits.

Captain Hook is the wild symbol and Peter pan in the green croc outfit is the scatter symbol. Getting three scatters gives you a choice between the Fairy free spins round,Mermaid free spins round and the Pirate free spins round.

The Fairy feature gives you 2-5 overlay wilds while the mermaid feature has a 2x multiplier which gets boosted to 4x when you have a wild. The pirate feature rewards you for matching symbols in 15 free spins.


To sum it all up Hook’s Heroes is a fun filled game thanks to its many features and awesome rewards. Getting matching symbols can give you up to 900 coins as a jackpot. The free spin modes can be chosen depending upon what you have in mind and how comfortable are you with the conditions.

Fruit Shop Touch

There is absolutely nothing that beats classic games. Though there are a lot of games with loads of eye popping graphics and a bunch of thrills, they all can get quite exhaustive and finally lead to boredom. But when it comes to classic slots, the factor of boredom is dialled down thanks to the fact that simplicity can lead to addiction and great enjoyment. Now that everything is in your fingertips thanks to smartphones, so are the classic slots and so is the fruit shop slot in the name Fruit Shop Touch.

Coming from NetEnt Touch, the Fruit Shop Touch slot game is a game with really simple animations and classic features. The game doesn’t have any of the NetEnt unique factors such as captivating graphics or out of the box features. Keeping with its theme, the game is all about relaxing and having fun rather than engaging in some high pressure spins to win big.

Highly Rewarding features

Though the game only has the bare essentials like wilds and free spins, these features are so frequent that you hardly miss all the other thrilling features that NetEnt could have thrown in. The fruit shop symbol is the only special symbol in this game and it acts as a wild.The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols in the game and can give you some really good returns.

The one thing that Fruit Shop Touch does have to offer in abundance is free spins. The free spins require no special symbol to trigger. All you need is matching symbols on your winning payline and these are quite easy to come by. But the best part is the fact that these free spins come in sets of 1 to 5, depending on the number of matching symbols you get, and offer a 2x multiplier with every spin. The going certainly gets better with a 4x multiplier in the free spins, every time you get a wild symbol on your winning payline.


Fruit Shop Touch is a classic slot game and the one thing about classics is to keep it simple and smooth. Though it may seem a little old school, that might also be the reason why the game has so many fans. Everyone started out playing one classic or the other, and this game certainly brings those days back. With an RTP of 96.7%, the game does have some assured wins

Fisticuffs Touch

Get ready for the boxing game of the century with the Fisticuffs touch where a lightweight and heavyweight boxer meet to decide who is the best once and for all! The slot game, released in 2013 by NetEnt was an instant hit amongst slot gamers because of the fact that the game is highly rewarding, engaging and entertaining.

The game is now available in the touch version which works smoothly on all handheld devices be it your smartphone or tablet powered by android or IOS. The game’s graphics and sound effects which almost is half the good things in it is uncompromised and well built to ensure that you just don’t stop gaming.

Engaging animations and sound effects

Fisticuffs touch has all the symbols that you can possibly relate with a 20th century boxing game from the iconic ringing bell to stop the fight to a heavyweight and lightweight boxer who are the contenders of the game. From cheering sounds to the ring of the bell when you hit a winning combo to even minute conversations between spectators in the background, the game gives you a realistic feel of standing right next to the boxing ring.

Wildest Features yet

Fisticuff touch is a slot game which rewards players with wilds, wilds and a lot more wilds. The game in fact has no other features. But if you think these wilds can’t get you rich or engaged your wrong. The game features different kinds of wilds like diagonal wilds, stacked wilds and normal wilds. All these are divided into two major sets called boxing wild feature and stacked wild features

In the boxing wild feature, the heavyweight and lightweight appear on the screen together. Depending upon the position of the reels you get them on, one punches down the other and sends him skyrocketing to one corner of the playscreen.Every reel he touches on his way get turned to wilds. And the best part is getting three or more wilds also give you a free spin.

The stacked wilds appear only during the free spin. Here either reel 1 or 5 gets converted into an entire reel of wilds.


Though it may sound like Fisticuffs touch does not have much to offer players because features are limited to only wilds, this is far from true. The game has frequently recurring wilds which give it an RTP of 96.7%. The game has a 200,000 coin Jackpot and very good chances of winning which makes it a must try game.

Dazzle Me

If you are a person who enjoys games with a lot of bling and some mindless fun to kick back and relax, then the Dazzle Me slots from NetEnt might be worth trying out. This 5 reels and 76 paylines game from NetEnt has its own set of specialities that also make it a must play for slot lovers looking for something different. The game’s physical structure itself has been modified from standard norms. The 3 rows in the first 2 reels, 4 rows in the next 2 and 5 rows in the 5th reel can take some getting used to.

But once you are used to the entire setup and rewarding schemes of Dazzle me, you will find that the game can be more than just a break time slot game! NetEnt has done some amazing work to make sure that the formula simplicity and authenticity can be a whole lot of fun!

Unpredictable features!

One of the biggest virtues of the Dazzle Me slot game is the fact that it is completely unpredictable in terms of some features! The game has no wild symbol at all but still gives amazing return through wilds! Wondering how? Its because the slot game has a random wild feature which can simply get activated in any spin and turn an entire reel wild for you! We all know how much help a single wild can be, but then again, imagine a whole reel of wilds!

If you thought the wilds were good then that’s just half the story! The game also features a free spin bonus round. Getting three scatters gives you 8 spins, 4 scatters give 12 spins and 5 scatters give you 16 free spins. And the best part? The reels in the free spins round are all linked reels which means that there are chances for the reel on the right being an exact copy of the reel on the left and so on!

Features that make you dance

Disco Spins Touch is home to some really unique features. The game essentially has wilds, scatters and multipliers but they are triggered in unconventional ways.

Essentially all dancing men in the game are wilds. To actually activate their wild nature, you must make sure that the color of their dress and the color of their dancing tiles match! So strictly speaking a blue man will be a wild only if he dances in a blue tile! But the best part is that this game does allow multiple wilds which means that you can trigger up to 8 wilds at a time and needless to say, this can fill your pockets up pretty quick!

The game also has a free spins feature which is triggered when you get three or more disco balls on your reels which are the scatter symbols. When you do get these three balls, you are presented with an option to choose between Disco spins and free spins. While disco spins give you 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, the free spins gives you a normal set of 10 free spins.


Dazzle Me though crafted originally to be a nice and easy going game can get really fast paced and exciting once you’re used to the features. The features themselves are worth commenting on owing to the fact that they are highly rewarding and easily available.The game can get you as much as 760 times your stakes on the bonus spins which is itself more than an incentive to try out this fun slot game.


NetEnt is not any other gaming studio that releases games for the sake of releasing them. Instead NetEnt’s games are perfected and sometimes so good that they set benchmarks in the slot game design industry. Dracula, the horror themed slot game from NetEnt is the brainchild of a collaborative effort between Universal Studios and NetEnt and it is one of those games that are going to be played and remembered forever.

Legendary theme with legendary effects

There is absolutely no one in this world who wouldn’t have heard about Dracula. The legendary being cursed with immortality survives on nothing but human blood. The slot game is based on the 1931 horror flick featuring this character, and Universal studios has done amazing job with the visual and sound effects.

The graphics and animations in this slot game are so good that you might even forget you’re playing a slot game! With some highly fitting in and blood boiling sound effects, the game gives
a slot gaming experience like never before.

Packed with features

The Dracula slot game is a 5 reel, 4 rows and 40 paylines slot game and it is packed with features that are ordinary and extraordinary.

The game features normal wilds and scatters which can be seen in most other games but besides this the game also features stacked wilds, free spin bonuses and even a unique swooping bat feature.

While the usual wilds and scatters work as they usually do, the swooping bat feature is worth a special mention thanks to its randomness, frequency and highly rewarding nature.

These bats swoop in randomly during the base game and every reel they touch gets converted into the same random symbol. If you are lucky, this might be the highest paying symbol and you’ll hit a sizeable return.

Another place where the swooping bat feature comes into play is during the free spins bonus game which is triggered by the stacked wilds on reels 2 and 4. When this happens, you get 10 free spins and the bats swoop in for each spin giving you huge returns!


The Dracula slots from NetEnt are quite highly rewarding though the maximum you can get out of the game is 400 times your stake at a time. But since the bonuses are frequent you will hardly be disappointed. However the game is a low to medium variance game, but that is no reason not to try out this truly amazing game from NetEnt.

Disco Spins

Coming from NetEnt studios, the Disco spins touch slots are the very same Disco spin slots that you find on online casinos except for the fact that the touch versions are compatible with your handheld devices making your gaming experience a smooth one even when you’re travelling. Working both on IOS and ANdroid platforms, the game is a disco themed video slot game which has everything that a disco dance club does. From flashy lights to disco tracks, the game has everything you need including a bunch of features to make sure you do not go home empty handed after the party!

Disco lights and sounds!

The Disco Spins Touch game has some really good graphics and sound effects that go well with the game. The background tracks are all disco songs back from the 70s that give the game a retro feel. But if you are in a quiet place then you might want to turn down the volume! As far as the symbols and graphics go, you can be ready to get ticked on your funny bones by seeing some funnily dressed men and women in different colors with a lot of bling dancing away. The game also uses disco balls in its symbols and strobelights in the background for a really good disco feel to it.

Features that make you dance

Disco Spins Touch is home to some really unique features. The game essentially has wilds, scatters and multipliers but they are triggered in unconventional ways.

Essentially all dancing men in the game are wilds. To actually activate their wild nature, you must make sure that the color of their dress and the color of their dancing tiles match! So strictly speaking a blue man will be a wild only if he dances in a blue tile! But the best part is that this game does allow multiple wilds which means that you can trigger up to 8 wilds at a time and needless to say, this can fill your pockets up pretty quick!

The game also has a free spins feature which is triggered when you get three or more disco balls on your reels which are the scatter symbols. When you do get these three balls, you are presented with an option to choose between Disco spins and free spins. While disco spins give you 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, the free spins gives you a normal set of 10 free spins.


If you are a person who enjoys some noise, lights and a lot of money then Disco Spins Touch is a game worth trying. The game has a huge payout percentage of 96.4% which guarantees that you will not walk back home empty handed if you play this game.