Voila is one of the most unique slot games available in online casinos. This game features no paylines. However, there are as many as 243 ways. This makes the game one of the easiest to win when one learns rules of the game. As the name suggests, the game has a French based theme. The stunning visuals will bring the beloved country to life. This game also has plenty of features which includes scatters, wild symbols, free spins, Gamble Games and multipliers which are awarded at random throughout the game. These feature give the game plenty of winning potential.

Among the symbols you have to watch out for, the Eiffel tower symbol is the Wild symbol. It can act as a substitute for any symbol other than the bonus logo. The Eiffel tower will also award Multipliers. This allows the player up to 4X the winnings.

Another symbol that is important to keep an eye out for is the bonus symbol. This symbol is a golden coin. With at least 3 golden coins, the player will be awarded Free Spins. The free spin features gives the player 20 free rounds. During the free spins, the winnings will be doubled. There is also the possibility of triggering the free spins over again which allows for a winning amount of 60,000 coins at most.

The Gamble Feature offers the player a chance to increase the winnings two-fold. The Gambling feature allows the player to try to guess the face down card’s color. Each lucky guess will result in winnings being multiplied by four times.

In order to win payouts, scattered combos from the left to the right are required. Each symbol pays out a different amount when on the reel.

Voila is the type of game that can keep the interest of the more experienced players and is accessible to the newcomers as well. In order to play this casino game, a download is required. Once the game is downloaded, the user can fund the game with the use of the payment method that is chosen. The game is powered by Microgaming technology which allows for some lifelike visuals and sound effects.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye Video Slot

Tiger’s Eye is one of the coolest video slot games the legendary company Microgaming has produced. You have probably played a lot of slot games and may not be easy to impress. Upon checking out this cool fun slot, you might be a bit surprised at how much differently you look at the world of slot gaming.

As the name hints, this is a jungle-themed slot game and the symbols and overall design draw imagery from the high-adventure pulps of decades past. Upon sitting in front of the screen, you will embark on a very real adventure. Your goal is to try and win that elusive 100,000 jackpot.

The game is comprised of five reels and 40 paylines. The extensive combination of reels and paylines vastly increases the number of potential outcomes on a spin. As a result, the payouts can be high so the 100,000 coin figure should not prove too surprising.

How do you play Tiger’s Eye video slot? Doing so is actually pretty easy.

As is the case with all video slot games, you are supposed to wager a set amount on the paylines. The more you wager per payline, the more you could potentially win. The greater the number of paylines you actually play, the more you are quantifying the chances of a significant payout. The maximum bet is $10, an amount that just might deliver big bucks. Of course, you can also wager much less if this would be closer to your comfort zone. Per line, you are able to bet a minimum of .01 to a max of .05. When added up on all 40 paylines, this delivers the max of $10.

Scores of special features in the slot expand the ability for getting a good payout. Pulling up the Tiger’s Eye logo on a spin, for example, means you are getting a wild card. The door ends up being opened to a host of different payout combinations and you just might garner a huge jackpot if the wild card falls in the right place.

Other features include the ability to get 10 free spins and, maybe, a ten-time multiplier once you hit a minimum of three Golden Idol Scatter wins. Take advantage of the “Gamble Game” and pick the color and/or suit of a hidden card. If it turns out you guessed correctly, then you could double or quadruple the payout.

Tiger’s Eye can be a lucrative game and it’s easy to play. Those are two major benefits to any video slot selection.

Reel Thunder

Reel Thunder Slots

Do you dream of being on the open road with the wind in your face, just you and your hog? The Reel Thunder online slots game is all about Wild Hogs on bikes, hot grub in seedy diners and cold suds in roadside dives. Hop on for the ride of your life! This biker themed game will take you through a colorful landscape of diners, where food will make you more than hungry, it will make you money! On the road, you will also encounter speedometers, roadhouse brews, bike parts, license plates, all kinds of food from those delicious diners and the Flaming Pig – smells like bacon!

Keep your eye out for the winged Wild Hearts, those are your wild cards and they will help pump up your winnings. When they complete winning combinations with other symbols, you rake it in, so learn to love those hearts. And, get 3, 4 or 5 of the Scatter symbols anywhere on the screen and you are going to get a nice little rev in your engine. Your biggest buddy in Reel Thunder, though, is the Road Hog; he is the guy who will earn you the big bucks.

Reel Thunder has 5 reels across and 9 paylines. So, you can bet on 1 line, 9 lines or anything in between. Go ahead and be an easy rider and take it slow and play just a few lines. You can still win with the Wild Hearts or Scatters, even if you don’t bet the max, so take your time and enjoy the ride. Or, you can live life in the fast lane and go for all 9 paylines at once! The more lines you bet on, the more combinations are possible and, like in any game, the bigger the payout will be. Remember your friend the Road Hog? Hitting all 9 playlines with him will earn you a cool 10,000 coins.

So, when you are ready to hit the road and experience the “reel” biker life, head out on the highway to Reel Thunder slots. You can’t beat the vibrant and creative artwork, the life-like sound effects and, most of all, the fast-paced and thrilling game play.

Money Bee

Money Bee

How to Play Money Bee

When it comes to mobile slots there are many different types of different games to choose from based off of many different themes. Money Bee is one such game and as the name implies it is based off of bees. Actually, there is more to the game than just bees, the symbols are represented by various insects including snails, caterpillars, and more. The bee of course represents the jackpot that everyone is trying to get. This fresh take on the classic slots theme is a great way to make mobile slots more fun and exciting for everyone.

Money Bee Features

One of the most notable features of Money Bee is the fact that the maximum bet and payout for jackpots are slightly higher than with many mobile slot games. In Money Bee you can place a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum bet of 50.00. This allows players who like to make larger bets really have a good time and turn up the excitement a bit.

The base jackpot itself is worth a huge 5000 coins and is based off of the player playing one coin per line. Getting the jackpot is achieved by getting five bee symbols in the game.

Bonus Features

There are a few bonus features in Money Bee as well that will keep players coming back for more. Under certain circumstances it is possible to trigger a special bonus mode in the game which gives you the player 10 free spins. The tradeoff is that these spins do not have multipliers attached to them. This is a great way to spice things up during and exciting game of mobile slots.


Money Bee has a very streamlined and simple to use interface. On the left of the screen players will find the slot reel. On the right there are a few buttons such as the start button which rolls the reel and the bet button which allows players to place their bet. There are also options features as well at the top of the screen.


Money Bee is a fun, exciting, and cute mobile slots game that is great for anyone who like to play slots on the go. The iGaming2Go software makes it easy to use and highly compatible with most mobile devices. The 94.92% payout rate is very attractive and allows players to stay in the game longer and keep things rolling.

Lion’s Pride

Lion’s Pride

Lion’s Pride is a 100 payline slot game with a unique African safari theme. With the primary focus of the game being lions, the main symbols for the slots are the lion, the lioness and the baby cub. Other African animals featured on the game reels include the zebra and the deer.
This high graphic and detailed game has bamboo that borders the reels along with an orange sky setting in the background of the savannah. Also included on the reels are the high value card numbers ranging from ace to ten. These numbers are given a darker shade of brown to fit in and match the colors of the animals. Key symbols to note on this slot game include the African mask and the Lion’s Pride logo symbol. If landed on the African mask, that means there is a scatter. The Lion’s Pride symbol is wild. If five Lion’s Pride symbols are landed on, the gamer will win the jackpot of up to 1250 coins.

If a winning combination is landed on, a gamer will have the experience of viewing the symbols come to life with animation. This is also true if landed on any high value card symbol. When a combination arises for a deer, a gamer will see the deer cautiously peeking out from behind the grass, as if to stay hidden to avoid danger from the lion. The lion, in the case of a winning combination, lets out a realistic and majestic roar.

Lion’s Pride offers payouts exclusively when both the lion and lioness appear on any activated payline. At this point, the lion and lioness symbols will transform into the pair being shown together.

Other unique features of this game include the sounds of the African drums being beaten in the background of the free spin mode. While there is no actual music during game play, a gamer can enjoy the realistic sounds of the animals once landed on throughout the game.

At the end of the game, a player has the option to collect on each payout or stake them all in the gamble game. In this round, a player chooses a single color and if the card dealt corresponds to that color, the player’s winnings will be doubled. The gamer also has the option of choosing a suit, in which case, if the suit is dealt, the gamer will have their winning quadrupled.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better Poker

Fans of Jacks or Better Poker is one of the more popular forms of video poker available. Anyone looking for a flashy game with a lot of spins on traditional poker, well, this is not the game to check out. If you are interested in a rather simple version of traditional poker, this particular game developed by Microgaming fits such a bill. The basic rules of the game are the standard ones you would find in any type of poker. The key here is the minimum payout is received when you have a pair of Jacks or better. In other words, a hand with a pair of three’s is not going to pay anything. Two aces, though, means the game has to dole out a payment.

The “standard” nature means there are no gimmicks associated with the wagers in this game. Wild cards and jokers are not part of the mix so what you are dealt is what you have to play. Do not hope for any backdoor ways to win. Bonus payouts for any particular combinations of hands. Trying for pie in the sky glory with a crazy bonus payout is not achievable with this game. In many ways, that is a positive. You do not find yourself hoping for or trying to get extremely difficult card combinations. Instead, you stay focused on the basics of a play.

You can win big provided you hit the jackpot with a Royal Straight Flush. If you are lucky enough (very lucky!) to get this hand, your payout will be 4,000 coins. That could be a huge amount depending upon what your monetary bet amount is.

For those who are new to video poker, this is one the best games to play. The rules are extremely easy to understand and, once you get the hang of it, you should be able to make better wagering decisions during future sessions. Your experience with this game may even lead to being able to wager on the more complex ones such as Texas Hold’em.

Give Jacks or Better a try. It just might turn out to be your favorite video poker game of all.

Isis Slot Game

Isis Video Slot Game

The Isis slot game has been around for a few years and has proven to be a rather popular game to play online. It is an incredibly fun game and one you need to take advantage of if you are a fan of video slots. It has some of the better odds when it comes to video slot games as well, so if you are looking around for something that is able to offer you up a nice variety of gameplay, this is the game for you.

The mobile version of this game is rather new. In fact, it has been out since January of 2014, which makes it one of the newest video slot games you might play on your phone or other mobile device. The game consists of five reels and up to 25 pay lines. Depending on how you play the game, you can bet anywhere from a quarter per pay line all the way up to $125. It all just depends on what you are looking for and what sort of money you want to put down on your bet.

There are three icons you want to look for. There is a Wild icon, a Scatter icon and a Free Spins icon. The Wild icon is going to take the place of any other symbol on the board (outside of scatter and free spin) in order to increase the chance of you winning money off of the pull. The scatter icon is also going to appear throughout, although you need at least two of the scatter icons to pop up in order to take advantage of the increase winning option. With the free spin feature, you can win 30 free spins, and during these free spins the payout is 6x, which is one of the highest levels of payout possible in most video slot games. In total, the Isis Video Slot Game has a total jackpot amount of $300,000 in cash. This way, you can truly log off a winner. Due to the ease of use and high payout potential, this game is certainly a fan favorite for everyone.

Hot Fruits

Hot Fruits

Hot Fruits is a slot game with plenty of winning potential. This is a very entertaining game with highly advanced graphics and some of the most features available in a slot game. Such a combination makes for a big hit in the library of William Hill Games. The game is available online so downloading the game is not a requirement. In order to make the most out of the bonuses and features, the player just has to sign up to William Hill using a special code. The game can be played for free as well as downloaded to any device.

The game begins with an introduction that shows what the game is about. The game features 10 paylines and 5 reels. Among the symbols are Orange, Plum, Cherry, Grapes and Watermelon symbols. There are also 7’s and stars that offer their own unique prizes once at least 3 of them are lined up across the paylines.

The rewards for most symbols total up to 200x the amount that is wagered. The stars and the 7’s are what give out the largest wins. The minimum amount needed to win is 3. As one gets more of one type across the paylines, the winnings increase.

While the games feature some large winnings, there are other attractive features about the game that will keep one interested. One of these features is the visuals. The visuals look very realistic and could give one the impression of actually playing the game at a real life casino. The animation is also very fluid. Accompanying the visuals is the high quality audio presentation. The sound is very realistic. There is also some creative and fun sound effects that will maintain the interest of the player.

Red Hot Fruits is very easy to learn for most players. The game has a simple layout that makes it suitable for beginners as well as seasoned players. There are no extra rounds or side games to play with this slot game.

Extra Cash!!

Extra Cash casino game

Extra cash game occupies a small position in the online slots that are marked as paperboys by Next Generation gaming. This game involves a 1930s city paperboy who is on a mission to sell the latest editions on the kiosks. The beautifully rendered city background offers a great atmosphere for the game. This game has the best features and graphical presentations.

Welcome to Extra Cash

Extra cash has lots of well-designed animated symbols. It has 4 rows, 50 paylines and 5 reels. With coins that range from$0.01 to $2.00, all types of wallets are sorted. The theme of extra cash game is newspapers, and most symbols are motivated by it. One can check out the usual deck card symbols from the 10 to the aces. Other symbols in Extra Cash game are newspaper stacks, cart for distributing the papers, delivery van and a dependable pooch. The game also has about 9 unique betting levels. Therefore, it suits both the small and big players.

To play this game, the player must first select the amount that they wish to bet and the play lines that one prefers to use. From here one can play the Extra Cash game. The balance and the total bet is found at the bottom. In addition, players can change their bets and even confirm their winnings at the same place too.

Extra Cash features

Extra cash game has inconceivable graphics and design that will be pleasurable to the eyes as one plays. In addition, betters can listen to corresponding music, which comes with this game. However, this can be adjusted using the music symbol for those who do not want to play with sound.
• There is also an info symbol and pressing on this symbol will display all the symbols that one can pay for and all the 50 lines. The rules can also be found and read here. Pressing the + symbol displays the full-screen mode or the auto play for the game to play on its own.

• There are also rotating arrows, that one can click on to start the Autoplay feature
• This game has a great 3D effect that gives it a movie look and not the usual casino game look. It is great for any player to see a unique theme and extra cash offers a rewarding and refreshing experience.
• Gamble icon appears after a winning spin, when this button is pushed; it will take the player to the most renowned gamble bonus.
• When one is set to play, they just push the play button, and the reels will start spinning.

Blackjack Players Choice

Blackjack Players Choice

Blackjack has a new game under its wing, and it’s only being offered right now at the Palazzo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Player’s Choice 1 is a mixed game of Blackjack and Three Card Poker. The game is filled with different ways to win, and it requires each player to make three instead of one original bet to play 3 different hands at once. The first two hands have blackjack rules apply. The third and last hand is a Three Hand Poker bet, which is also considered the bonus.

Each player gets three cards to use as their hand out of the decks used. The blackjack bets and the three card poker bets are a little different and have separate payouts. Here are the payouts that a Three Card Poker bet would make:

• 1-1 Pair
• 3-2 Flush
• 2-1 Straight
• 10-1 Trips
• 20-1 Straight Flush
• 60-1 Same Suit 3 of a kind
• 75-1 AKQ Same Suit

The blackjack hand will also need to be placed. Since there is two blackjack hands, the third Three Card Poker hand and place it in between the two blackjack hands. The cards can have to stay placed in that order after the first turn has begun.

Here are the payouts that a blackjack bet would make:

• Player cannot surrender.
• Player cannot draw on split aces.
• Player can only split the Aces once
• Player can split up to four hands.
• Player may double after the split of cards.
• Dealer must stay at 17 or more.
• Blackjack Always Pays 3-2

The only time insurance is offered to the players is if the dealer shows an Ace card as their visible card next to the hidden card. Each player gets an option to whether or not they want to accept to take insurance. Insurance doesn’t last the entire game so each new turn that the Ace shows up at the dealer’s hands will be a new chance for a player to choose insurance.

Blackjack is a very simple game to play, and it is a very good game to mix with Three Card Poker. A player may be an expert in playing Blackjack but when mixed with three card poker can offer different advantages to each new player.